Hi there, I've just finished the prop design class, I didn't begin the prop ensemble yet, but I wanted to share my lamp design to get some feedback To give you a little bit of context, I've just begun the SVS class a little bit more than a week ago, I decided to really commit to drawing (even if it is as a hobby because I've always wanted to be able to put what's in my imagination on paper). My final goal is to be able to write my own short comic! I never knew how to draw before and globally I learned everything I know from the SVS class I already took. (I took the 4 class from level 1 and some ink class for now) I love working with ink and more especially with brush pen (even if I am not good with it (yet), I just love the feeling) For the Story, this is the different answers to prop questions Where would you find this? This can be found in an antiquity shop but my character found it in a garbage dump in my universe. When was it made? It is an old object in a parallel world where everything is working with steam. -> Steampunk universe. My universe is kind of advance, this is an old object compare to the time of my story. How was it made? It was made with wood, steel and electricity. This is my lamp. (I will certainly post my other prop when it will be done -> I've just finished my lamp today ) Thanks a lot for all your feedback!