Yep, it's posted on the website THIS MONTHS CHALLENGE! Our Fairy Tale Traveler is in a situation! For this month’s prompt, your mission is to draw our Fairy Tale Traveler in an environment, in a situation. The enemy is coming down the road and now our traveler must decide whether to face the adversary, flee or hide. How will our traveler get out of this situation?? In March, we designed a Fairy Tale Traveler. In April, we designed an inn for our weary traveler to sleep for the night. And this month, we are creating a full page illustration featuring our traveler. For this challenge, the image must be a full page illustration, and the dimensions must be 9.5 inches high x 10.5 inches wide. Just to clarify: don't worry if you haven't submitted in the previous Fairy Tale Traveler contests, you can still do this prompt! Just treat it as if it's a stand alone prompt