Thank you all, so much! It's so refreshing to get an opinion from a more experienced eye. It's interesting how you've felt where I've put more effort and thought. I've drawn the queen first, and she just happened for 2-3 hours.....and I was satisfite from the resolt at the moment.....But when I started drawing him.....I went throught so many variations and he just didn't look right beside her....and I couldn't see why is that.....From your comments @Gary-Wilkinson , @hannahmccaffery and @juliepeelart , it seams that it's not from him - it's from her. :smiling_face_with_open_mouth_cold_sweat: Now I can see that she looks stiff and I'll try to work on her pose. And my main fear was, that I won't be able to sustain a consistent style - as I mentioned, I'm still looking for my thing , so that's why there realy is a difference somehow between them in my atempts and wonders do I want them to be more clean and stilized or more detailed and realistic... About her shape and clothes - I was going for the shape of typical bulgarian amphora or pitcher and the belt is unique and recognizeble for our folklore costumes - here are some of my refs And to explane some more about the story - the idea is with this story to help the parents with adopted children to start the conversation from very early age about how they became a family. It's a very delicate theme and must be presented to the child gently and with the right messages. Everything in the story is based on symbolics and I've worked with child psychologist for the text. Now I'm starting work wit the Bulgarian Association for adopted and adoptive parents. And there is another mission behind it - to start an advocacy campaign to support adoption and to break the prejudices and outdated thinking about the issue in our society. So it kind-a became a social project and I must be very careful with it and I want to give my best Thank you again for your support and feedback! It is very helpful!