Hey @hannahmccaffery This is a great start. I like how you spent a little time on a few of the other characters. It's like they each have their own stories they we may not get to read. (Is that a waving dog? ) One thing that bothers me is the perspective. It looks like 3 different horizon lines are being used here. One for everyone at Paddington's eye level and above, one for the suitcase, and one for the passenger below (and possibly for passenger's foot?). If you were in a room (with lots of stuff in it) and looked straight ahead, your eye line would be the horizon line. It wouldn't just be the horizon line for what you were looking at. It would be the horizon line for everything you see at that moment. So every object would have vanishing points on that single horizon line. Using several horizon lines can work in some situations but I don't think it's working here. Having said all of that, I really like where this is going. I did some draw overs to help illustrate my concerns.