Hi everybody.

If you, like me, some times struggle to come up with ideas / inspiration on what to draw - then maybe this App is for you.

I have created an iOS app that generates random drawing prompts based on some template sentence structures and loooong list of words.... - The result is odd challenges like these :

“Draw a Hippopotamus which is a mix of a Bricklayer and a School Teacher.”
“Draw a Horse which is a Sorcerer with a shovel in a Chinese Restaurant”
“Draw a Turtle which is a Librarian with a pair of slippers in a Haunted House.”
“Draw a fantasy animal that is a mixture of a Ladybug and a Polar bear”

You can check out more challenges, and some of my solutions at :

The app is still fairly basic, but before investing more time in the project, I'd love some feedback on the concept, and inspiration on what to add.

There's and app homepage here (where you also can sign up to be a beta tester) :

Or you can go straight to downloading the beta via this link:
you will be prompted to install the TestFlight App from Apple first, if you haven't got it already.

I would also love feedback and ideas on the challenges themselves. The app can easily be configured to support all kinds of randomly generated challenges. So ideas are more than welcome. It basically work like this:
The app takes challenge templates like .feks.:

"[an_animal] which is [profession] with [an_object] [in_environment]"

and using long lists of words for each of the tags ([an_animal] etc) turns it into something random like this:
“Draw a Turtle which is a Librarian with a pair of slippers in a Haunted House.”

Which you then can turn into something like this 🙂 .....(sorry the app can 't help you with that)