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  • @Joanne-Roberts Oh, thanks. You know, I´m not a professional illustrator, and not former studies about illustration. But with all this madness about the Covid19 virus, and quarantine, I just decided to start something new. That´s the reason why Illustrated Stories was born,

  • @Heather-Boyd Hi Heather. Glad you liked it. I posted a new Micro-story. Its title is EFFIGY, is right down below. If you think deserves an RT on Twitter, it will be very appreciate it. Thanks!

  • @Joanne-Roberts Thanks Jo! Glad you liked. If you want to read my MicroStories just check and if you think one of them deserves an RT, it will be very appreciate it. Thanks!

  • Life has changed on planet. But for #Mhambi everything looks pretty normal. Check new #MicroStory MHAMBI here > #illustration #illustratedstories #FlashStory #artwork #creaturedesign #creature #photoshop #drawing #sketchbookpro #art #africa #zulu @Heather-Boyd @aska @Joanne-Roberts MHAMBI - SVS POST.jpg

  • The King have a moment of solace to contemplate his realm Check the whole new #microstory here #illustratedstories #illustration #artwork #drawing #characterdesign #photoshop #skectchbookpro REALM.jpg

  • #Mother has always wanted the best for us. Although we always have our differences as to how things should be, in the end good sense prevails. I'm glad you're here mother - Campion - #FanArt #Illustration #IllustratedStories #Artwork #Drawing #MattePainting #Landscape #Photoshop #SketchbookPro MOTHER.jpg

  • On a distant planet, on the shore of a beach, the remains of an ancient civilization contemplate the sun that rises one more day, as unique witnesses of such beauty. #artwork #beach #drawing #flashstory #illustration #microstory #photoshop #scifi #illustratedstories #sketchbookproBEACH.jpg

  • I need to find a cure for Winter's Cold soon. High fevers are destroying the villages of the elves, dwarves, and humans. But for this, I must obtain the primary ingredient: The Flower of Darkness. And only can be found entering the Tree of Forgetfulness. #FlashStory #Fantasy WOODS.jpg

  • I love the way this looks!

  • @Cole-Rts Thanks Cole!

  • I like your stories. Are you going to link them together to make a longer story?

  • @Kim-Hunter Hi Kim, thanks for the feedback. It´s a good question. I am doing this as a stress relief. I´m not a professional illustrator, and less a writer. But always loved write short stories, and of course, I love to paint and draw. I am a 51 y.o graphic designer based on Venezuela, and due the CVD19 pandemic, the lockdown, that stressed me a lot. A MD friend of mine told me a good advice: "write and paint. That will gonna save you. Stress can be a silent killer, my friend". So I took the tip seriously, and got motivation, and that is the reason of Illustrated Stories ( ) to exist. The stories conception is just to exist as a flash story, or a micro-story. And the short story have an illustration to support it. To bring the reader something more to think about it. MHAMBI story, for example, it can work for a children picture book. The children of a friend loved it!. For the moment, the Illustrated Sories are going in the short way. In Venezuela, the conditions are not given for an illustrator to carry out the publication of a book, as it may exist in the UKS, USA, Germany or Spain, for example. That is why I post my stories here. And if someone likes one, and thinks there is potential to be published, we can work together, I am open to that possibility. Who knows?. Thanks again for asking, and allowing me to share my little personal story. Alvaro. ILLUSTRATED STORIES PROJECT  BANNER 3.jpg

  • Ok, October has arrived, so that means one thing: HALLOWEEN!, and to celebrate it I´ll be posting horror/terror illustrated stories. The first one is titled SIEGE. Enjoy it! > The occupants of the ML336 mining station have a seemingly quiet night. One that lasts 2 months. But in the planet Magertz, that means hunting season. One carelessness in an exhaust vent is enough for anything that wants to get in. The #siege begins. #Halloween2020 SIEGE.jpg

  • El Silbón is a specter of Venezuelan folklore, especially from Los Llanos, which, according to oral tradition, is the banshee of a young man who murdered his father. #Wikipedia #Venezuela #Folklore #Halloween2020 EL SILBON.jpg

  • Cursed by such action, he wanders through the plains carrying his father's bones in a sack, sending gloomy hisses into the air, hence his name. The legend of the Silbón emerged in the mid-19th century #Wikipedia #Venezuela #Folklore #Halloween2020 EL SILBON CAMINA.jpg

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