January 3rd Thursday... maybe

  • wip01.jpg An idea I had floating around about this months prompt. Not sure if I should continue with it or let it go. Thoughts? Crits?

  • Hey Chip,

    I think this piece is an interesting sketch, but might not have enough excitement to take to a finish. Is that Donald Trump?

    I love the idea of looking through the keyhole to see what is outside. Maybe try a few different concepts here?

  • @Lee-White Yes it was going to be Donald Trump. Maybe if I had him in more of a dynamic pose like yelling or something. Or is it the subject matter to political?

  • @Chip-Valecek would be great for a magazine piece

  • @Chip-Valecek Chip, funny the first thing I thought of when figuring out what made such a horrendous noise was Donald Trump as well. I quickly moved on though. I think you need to show him at his most angry, rage fueled rant. Maybe there is a Trump rally just outside Stanley's door. Poor Stanley 😞

  • Like the rest said, you can make Trump, why not, but make him do something. He is just standing there. Some furious exaggerated expression might be enough or put him into some fun situation...now he is just waving and the key hole is actually more interesting to me than Trump himself.

  • Nice idea Chip! - for me i think there is a lot of unused space - i thought about it for a while and i came up with an idea for a pose that could fill the field of view - if he who shall not be named were to bend at the waist and bellow directly into the keyhole i think his silhouette could be very much like the keyhole shape - with some forced perspective his head could look enormous - this would give a nice opportunity to show the features in caricature - maybe give the keyhole a hint of depth by giving it an interior and other side too - looking forward to wherever you go with this though 🙂

  • Thanks everyone, maybe I will push it further then.

  • wip02.jpg I haven't posted much of my process this time since I been so busy with work stuff. But here it is for some critiques. Thanks!

  • Hey @Chip-Valecek. I love this. It's such a unique concept. I had an idea immediately as I saw it, what if the door veneer was so reflective that you saw a reflection of Stanley in the door, but not so detailed that it took away from your original illustration. It could be a Stanley who is known for not liking Trump. Great concept. This would work really well as an editorial piece.

  • @Peter-Jarvis I thought about that as well, but I was not sure how to pull it off successfully. I also thought about putting his hands around the keyhole, but again was not sure how to pull it off. Maybe I will mess around and see what i can come up with. Thanks!

  • I like this haha I find it funny and keyhole idea is pretty neat.

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