I hate thumbnailing, but i know they're super important, help me realize this

  • @jdubz I disagree that it falls in. i wasn't assaulting her. at least i didn't mean to. i was pointing out at my questions in first post and after answering her twice, that it wasn't about finding ideas on what to thumbnail, or how to thumbnail. she kept going with answering the wrong question? is that bad to point out someone who isn't answering the question was asked?
    also, to your points, they are obvious. that is why i was asking for people owns journey dealing with making a habit of thumbing and making it enjoyable. i don't think i was disrespectful as you suggest. but its ok, if that's how you feel.
    my journey is my own as you've said. and this was not an attention seeking post, but an innocent interest of how people dealt and tackled this problem, which is obviously an issue for some here. nothing wrong there so far in my book.

  • @Nyrryl-Cadiz yes. but i was specific as to what thoughts?

  • @arielg If you're up for a fun challenge, you could try this:

    "You don't value something until it has gone".

    Next time you have something to draw, don't think, and just draw your piece from start to finish with the FIRST composition that you can think of. Not second, not third, the FIRST.

    After you've completed it, THEN you sit and think about all the things you could have done differently if you had just planned it better.

    Repeat until you "realise" the importance of thumbnailing 😃

  • @Neha-Rawat hehe good one, but i think it will take forever to me to realize it,also, that's what i've been doing for 2 years. i can enjoy my drawings even if people dont understand them...

    but i'm getting there thanks to you all.

    thank you all for posting your thoughts, if anyone has more, i'm still listening !

  • @arielg I think you might have tagged the wrong person lol I didn't say it falls into anything.

  • @MyArt-Multiverse oh boy. you're correct! my bad! very sorry <thumps head>

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    @arielg said in I hate thumbnailing, but i know they're super important, help me realize this:

    just interested to know your process in this.

    Well you did express interest in my process, so I shared. That is the habit I have now, and my art has improved because of it.

    @arielg said in I hate thumbnailing, but i know they're super important, help me realize this:

    did you just start doing that with studying? and then it became your habit? or did you see the value of it after a few times? just interested to know your process in this.

    This was answered in the first reply - I took a class that had thumbnail exercises, saw the value in it, and it became a habit. Thumbnails became fun for me because I know it makes me a stronger artist.

    @jdubz has it right - there's no magic way to love thumbnails, you've got to forge your own path with your art. Thumbnails are a useful tool, use it or don't.

  • @arielg said in I hate thumbnailing, but i know they're super important, help me realize this:

    how do you enjoy your thumbnailing? or is it just a logical technical process to you? did you find it to be fun when doing it after a few times?

    I actually enjoy doing thumbnails a lot. It just let me do all the stuff I love about making art, none of the stuff I am not so good at. Thumbnails are so small, so I can not draw in details - I am really not so good at drawing. Thumbnails focus on big picture, design, composition, and concept - all the things I discovered are the most fun for me with art.

    I do not see it as a logical technical process. I use it almost like a way to write down an idea. I am a very slow painter - I take from 3 days to 10 days, and sometime even more to make a finished piece. I do not have the time to paint every idea that pops up in my head. So I jot down illustration ideas in thumbnail format with annotation, so I can use them later. In other words, I often do thumbnails just an image idea, not for any specific project or anything. I did quite a few personal paintings from random thumbnails I jotted down.

    I also use it to filter out the ideas. I am not so good at evaluating my own ideas to be honest. Most of the artists, art directors, editors are trained to read thumbnails. When they see a group of thumbnails, they have informed opinions, they can tell which one is working and why from their point of veiw. I am always shocked by how little I need to do to get an idea across when working with an editor.

    Hope this is somewhat useful info. If you really do not like this method, find other methods that works for you. Enjoying the process of art making is so improtant for stay making stuff.

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    @arielg I actually really hate thumbnailing! It's the part of the process where I'm most stressed and unsure. I don't know where it is going and I'm often anxious it's not going to turn out as I want. I'm quite tense until I finish the sketch stage and all the decisions are made, then I can finally relax and enjoy myself. I go through thumbailing logically, technically, with lots of breaks to rest my brain. It,s always a relief when I'm done!

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