Dragonfly Wip-Feedback/Critique please?

  • @Nyrryl-Cadiz Oh interesting! I never considered that! It would tell a different story for sure! I'll have to play around with this idea!

  • @JessicaStauffer I love this! Immediately reminded me of Ferngully.

    What I read from the story is that they're all riding together, but your main character's dragonfly is being difficult--meanwhile, a scary owl is sneaking up on the unsuspecting duo.

    I really like how it's coming so far, but the main issue I see is that the composition/scene seems a bit unbalanced. The majority of the story (and focus) is being told on the right side, and everything on the left is secondary. Maybe try moving your main duo further to the left, and maybe hide your owl a little more so it does seem like a character that's sneaking in. You could also experiment by cropping off the left third of the image and shrinking your other dragonfly riders a bit to be further in the distance.

    Really like where this is going! Love your characters!

  • I like the concept. I recommend using reference for the pulling action.

  • @miranda-hoover I thought Ferngully after I started drawing it too!😄

    That is the story I am aiming for! I'm really glad to know you got that from the image! Good call on the imbalance. I can see that it does feel right heavy. I'll have to play around and make sure to pay attention to that. Thank you! I really appreciate your input!!

  • @Chris-Perry-0 Thank you! I will have to pull some references up and double check things!

  • @JessicaStauffer Nice image with strong storytelling. I like the colours so far ☺ For me the owl is off because it’s positioned so big, close and high in the frame, also the fact that it doesn’t seem to be perched on the tree. But mostly it is off because owls swoop down on prey which they can detect easily from a mile away, this one is watching more like a vulture and it makes me question why this owl is different. It could work as part of a story where the owl is a sort of frenemy that you can’t really trust not to eat you...are you going for that vibe? Would it affect the story if the owl was more obscured in shadow and leaves with glowing, fixated eyes ready to lunge forward?

  • The idea is funny and lovely. A dragonfly who is as stubborn as a mule 🙂 The owl is a bit confusing. Is he a friend, is he watching or is he going to eat them? Maybe you could make that a bit clearer.

  • @JessicaStauffer hi, firstly can i say i think this is a really atmospheric piece, and i can see from whats done already that the colours will work really well together, and the moon is done really well. Its a good drawing! I do think the composition could use a bit of tweaking though. At the minute the piece is essentially split in half, and all the action is on the right, whereas the moon pretty much takes up all the left. And the fact that the moon is so bright, it steals all the attention, the characters appear a little hidden all squashed down on the right, and all quite dark. Maybe it might work if the guy pulling the dragon fly was flipped, pulling him toward the owl, then it might read as though he's the owls henchman or something, or a bounty hunter bringing the dragonfly to the evil owl. That might give the characters a good silhouette against the moon.

  • @Lovsey Thank you! I'm glad the story is there! Yeah, the owl is definitely a WIP. I realized I never sketched out the branch he should be on. I was going for an owl waking up and noticing the kerfuffle below and decides its easy pickings for dinner tonight! It's a whole movie scene in my head!😆

    But this sketch doesn't really communicate that clearly, so I see why its confusing. I'll have to adjust some things and make it more clear! I really like the idea of obscuring him a little more in the shadows, and making him feel more distant yet threatening! It may help him not be so visually heavy in the image as well. Thank you so much for the suggestions! They are very helpful!

  • @hakepe Thank you! I'm glad he's reading as being so stubborn! I'll be working today on making the owls intentions more clear, because I can definitely see now how its a bit confusing! Thanks for the questions! They are good things to ponder while I work!

  • @gavpartridge Thank you! I feel colors are always a tough thing for me to get right! I'm glad the moon is reading well! I'll play around with it so it isn't such a scene stealer. Yes the composition definitely is a bit heavy on the right. I'll have to work with proportions of the characters and make them not so little, squished and hidden in the dark. I didn't consider an owl henchmen/bounty hunter bringing the owl a dragonfly, but I really like that idea! I'll have to play around with the characters some more and see what comes of it! Thank you for your input! It is really fun to see what people suggest and notice in the image that I don't see!

  • Okay...went back to the drawing board, because I just am not sure. I liked the story I came up with, but I don't know if I love it. I wanted to try to push through and I played around with suggestions I received and sat with the piece this past week. I realized I jumped into a final idea too fast and I think that was my ultimate struggle, so I stepped back and started sketching out a few ideas...

    dragonfly ideas.jpg

    Number 1 was a fun idea in my head so I sketched it out a little more clearly and at a different angle:

    Annnnd that's where I'm at right now! Going for a shady-swampy-pawn-shop-exchange story vibe. Just wanted to update. Still have some work to do! I think I'll have the toads left hand on one of those winged seeds that fall from trees for the trade. And maybe make the toad a little bigger and imposing...they seem a bit similar in size?

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