Portfolio Feedback, please?

  • Hello everyone!

    I've been working super hard on overhauling my portfolio recently. Everything is completely new within the past few months. (Whew!) That said, I can feel myself entering a little period of stagnation and I want to power through it! (I've also been staring at it a very long time and need a fresh pair of eyes.)

    Would you mind taking a look at it, and perhaps giving me your feedback? My goal is to get into children's publishing. Here are some of the questions I have:

    • What does it need? What should I be focusing on improving and adding to it?
    • Do any of the pieces not belong and should be replaced?
    • Does it look ready to submit to publishers? Agents? Or does it need more work?

    Here's the link: www.baileymvidler.com

    Thank you so much for your time!

  • Pro

    @baileymvidler Bailey, I think this looks wonderful! I really like the one with the bird attacking the fairy's house, that's lovely! And the monkey one is very well composed. I see SUCH an improvement in your work from the last time I looked at your work. There's a certain polish to it now, it just looks so much more professional than it did before. Your whole site is lovely and easy to navigate. I think you should send it out there! Sure you can expand it by adding more pieces, I think 15 total would make it look fuller than it is now. But that's something you can add to in the future. Right now, it's already at a great place. Send it out, then keep drawing while you wait for answers 🙂 Congrats on the overhaul dear. I can tell how hard you worked, it really shows.

  • Hi Bailey! I definitely think your work and site are ready to be sent out to agents 🙂 I don't have much feedback, just wanted to comment to say good luck! I'm sure you will find an agent as your work is really polished and professional. My favourite piece is the bookcover you did. My only comment would be to agree with Vanessa and add a few more pieces if you can

  • @baileymvidler Hi Bailey! I think your website looks stunning, clean, and professional! It really does show your efforts and you're totally ready. SEND IT!!

    One suggestion, I saw on your Instagram that you author/illustrated a children's picture book called "Vanessa and the Pirates". I know it's a year and you've definitely grown as an artist since then, but I think should totally put that on your website. It'll vouch for your passion and knowledge that you understand what goes into creating a book. Don't forget to mention the month/year you published it.

    Best of luck!

  • @baileymvidler I would recommend you listen to the 3 point perspective episode on evaluating your art foundation. https://www.svslearn.com/3pointperspectiveblog/how-to-evaluate-your-art-foundation Here are the show notes if you’d like to skim it quickly.
    I think this could give you a good point of reference. A good way to do a self evaluation I think.
    I think you should aim for a couple more portfolio pieces but take that advice with a grain of salt, I am only basing this off of what I have heard and not personal experience but I’ve most often heard that you should have 12 pieces minimum.
    Things to focus on:
    your characters can be a bit stiff so I would recommend doing more gesturing drawing. Gesture drawing 10 or 20 poses every day I think should be part of every artist’s regular practice.
    Personally I think the the piece with the boy and the bird should be removed. It’s a very flat composition with not quite enough filling up the visual space. I think the rest of your portfolio is much stronger than this piece which just makes it feel out of place.

    Over all I think you’re working with a good portfolio but I would try to add a few more images. You could certainly find some jobs with this. I don’t think I can speak on agents because I just don’t know enough about how they work.
    Hope this helps!

  • SVS OG

    @baileymvidler Hi! I agree with what everyone has said already. I like your site it's clean and pro looking. I like you pieces. I like your style. What I can add is that you need more pieces showing kids of various race, ethnicity, age, sizes, etc. Maybe you can squeeze them in 2 or three illustrations. I'm sure you've heard of this before. Also, I think you style would work well with Middle grade books so maybe you can look into that as well. As for submitting to agents, I echo what everyone has said, YES! Go for it, girl! I think you have a good chance. Best wishes. Let us know how it turns out.

  • @NessIllustration @eriberart @Neha-Rawat @Nyrryl-Cadiz Thank you so much for the encouragement, you've got me smiling like a goof right now! I will start sending it out, and while I'm waiting, build up to 15-ish pieces. Again, thanks so much!

    @Griffin Thanks for your feedback! I will revisit that podcast episode. And the gesture class was on my to-do list, so I'll bump that one up!

  • I agree with what the others have said. I've really enjoyed seeing your WIPs over the months. I think you are definitely ready to send to publishers/agents.

  • Wow I need to get to studying lol. It really looks great! Very professional.

  • Love the website! So simple and clean!

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