Basic Perspective Final Assignment -- Input, please.

  • Hi y'all,

    I'm trying to set up my final assignment for Mr. Hohn's class. I started with what I thought was a cube, but as I moved outward, it got wonky. Any tips? What do you see? Thanks for any input. 🤗 (Also, I'm on my phone and don't know if I'm uploading the image properly; please advise.)

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    @Libby-Artworks hi! I don't see your image.

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    Did that do it?

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    I followed the link to your image on Google Drive. Looking good!
    You have the process for repeating a rectilinear shape (in this case a square plane) in perspective down nicely. That 3rd plane just has a bit of that human error going on. No big deal. Happens to me all the time. Simply adjust the rectangle plane a bit so that it "looks" like a square.

  • @Libby-Artworks Hi Libby! I can't see the image in the forum, but the link works. 🙂

    I'm also taking the perspective class right now, though I haven't got as far as you yet. But unless I'm missing something I think what you're looking at is just distortion because your vanishing points are close together. If you imagine each square in the picture (that I stole from David) being the top of your cubes you see that they become less and less square as you move further back and towards the edges.

    Screen Shot 2020-07-27 at 12.45.54.png

    I drew approximately the same thing with the blue cubes. For comparison I drew another example where I put the vanishing points extremely far away, so far away the lines are almost parallel. (In theory at least, I freehanded it so it's a little wonky.) But you can still see that they don't as very quickly.


    Where you place the vanishing points will be dictated by the "camera" you're using and its location, but in terms of the assignment it looks correct to me. The wonky effect might also be a bit exacerbated by any imperfections in the drawings and because the initial cube might not be perfect.

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  • 🙌🏼 Hey y'all, thanks for the input! Funny, looking at it now, a few days later, I can see what I need to fix. Perhaps stepping away helps. I have a friend who squints her eyes when something looks funky.

    @davidhohn I think you're right -- human error in my drawing & I can see where I can fudge it a bit -- I have a background in detailed, technical drawing, so doing something not mathematically perfectly is a totally new concept for me. I appreciated your saying that in that course -- make it look right.

    @ina the VPs are kind of close, so that's definitely affecting it -- I hadn't thought of that. I'll go at it again.

    I think I found the button for posting a pic -- it wasn't showing up on my phone the other day. Hm! 😊

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