Wacom or Ipad?

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    @Laurasketches i have an ipad but photoshop’s cmyk capabilities is the reason I got a cintiq. When working on a project that’s going to get printed, I want my colors to be as accurate as Possible.

  • @Laurasketches iPad's great if you want to be mobile. But if that's not a necessity I'd go with the cintiq.

    Couple of reasons why.

    -Your computer is upgradeable. An iPad is not. iPads are designed with obsolescence in mind. A regular ol' cintiq should work with whatever computer hardware you buy for a VERY long time. My iPad is already starting to do funny things with every updated OS. My cintiq's been hooked up to 4 different computers.

    -With a Cintiq you can use pretty much whatever program suits you. With an iPad you're limited.

    I'm sure I'll think of more later, but if you already own a decent laptop I'd go with the cintiq 🙂

  • Alright....I hear y'all about the cintq....Here's another question: I am able to use my Wacom Mobile Studio as a Cintq BUT it has a 16' sceen...and that feels REALLY cramped when I'm working. Optimal size? (I'm thinking a 22....)

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    @Laurasketches i currently have the cintiq pro 16 and yes, I feel it’s too cramped as well. I would love to have a bigger screen. If you can afford it, then go for it, girl! 😅❤

  • Has anyone found resources for purchasing quality used wacom cintqs? And does the HD model make that much difference.... the pricing is substantially higher....?

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    @Laurasketches i’d sell you mine if I could. I’d really like to upgrade to a bigger size. 😂

  • @Braden-Hallett said in Wacom or Ipad?:

    My iPad is already starting to do funny things with every updated OS. My cintiq's been hooked up to 4 different computers.

    Hmmm you bring up a really good point that I haven't seen mentioned before. I also will have to say with each update I get odd problems where Procreate crashes or things just don't work right. It's kind of stayed my hand a little bit in upgrading to the Pro since that is getting into the Cintiq price range once you've bought the pencil.

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    @Nyrryl-Cadiz @Laurasketches I second that about the Cintiq size. I got a 16" Cintiq Pro because of when I bought it, i.e., it was the only size of Pro out. I really do wish I had a larger screen!

  • Here I am with my 13" Cintiq determined to grind it down to nothing before I buy a new one, lol. I'm pretty sure (knock on wood) my cintiq'll just keep going until I grind my stylus through the glass 😃

    I am most jealous of the 16" and over!

  • @Braden-Hallett I was wrong--I have a 13" screen--I feel your pain. AND It might be because it was designed to be both computer and tablet and screen, but when I connect it to photoshop, it will not give me a full zoom... so my working area is reduced to about 5X5 inches...(grrr) Hence the shop

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