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    Here is a piece i have been chipping away at - i have not posted anything but wind in quite a while so i thought i should share my own struggles - it is a bit scribbly still - i know have things to resolve for sure (like the figures near the boat) - but i was hoping for some feedback from question i do have is does the reflection look cheesy? - i cannot tell - really any input, advice or critique will be much appreciated - thanks! Well Met 2 .jpg

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    i think the reflection is great! I love the face in the tree! missed that the first time 🙂 i think you are off to a great start. I know you said you need to work on the far characters... is he playing a violin?

  • @Kevin-Longueil Nice piece Kevin!! Its great to have you back and as always I love the tree!!

  • I think this is really wonderful! You've done a great job with your values and created a good mood. I assume the far figure has a bow and that will be clearer. The reflection is good too, are you planning on painting this piece? If so a lot will be resolved in the rendering stage, if not I think you can make it stand out without color.

  • I really like it. What's the backstory? Why is the man on the other side playing the violin? Looking at your image makes me want to know what's going on 🙂

  • I like the composition and that dude hiding behind the tree tells great story. I'm not sure if the reflection of those two can go that far because I'm a bit confuse where river bank starts. Really like the mood also.

  • @Naroth-Kean said:

    I like the composition and that dude hiding behind the tree tells great story. I'm not sure if the reflection of those two can go that far because I'm a bit confuse where river bank starts. Really like the mood also.

    I like this piece a lot--you've really done a great job so far and I can't wait to see it colored.

    I'm with Naroth on this one--I honestly don't know if their reflection would travel out that far (I do see where the river bank starts but the figures are so far back in the forest). I'd almost need to see a reference picture or do a real life test. If it WOULD, then I think the reflection looks good.

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    @Lynn-Larson Thank you Lynn! - yes he is playing the violin 🙂

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    @Thrace-Shirley-Mears Thank you Thrace! always good to hear form you 🙂

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    @bharris Thank you Brittany! - i'm glad you mentioned that you think the values are working at least for the mood - that is was another thing i was (and am) struggling with - the far figure does have a bow...but no arrow... he is cheerfully playing a fiddle 🙂

  • This is looking wonderful! The play between the light and shadows is amazing...especially on the guy hiding behind the tree and his sword. It leads the eye around the composition just right. And I wish my "scribbly" could be that good! I agree with Naroth and Matt about the reflections. They are a great addition, but don't seem to be in the right spot. But then, I'm no reflections expert. It is a great composition Kevin!

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    @Pixby Thank you Pixby - i think wanting to know whats going on is a great compliment - thank you! It is a violin/fiddle (i think how you play a violin makes it a violin or a fiddle...i think they are the same...?) I imagine this to be the next image of the boy and fiddle player from my "Charly" third thursday entry - - you can check it out here if you want - thanks again 🙂

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    @Naroth-Kean @mattramsey - Thank you both for taking the time and you are both right about the reflection - i just raided my son's legos and set this up on a mirror to see what might happen - the boys reflection could be o.k. i found - but the fiddle player should have a much shorter reflection because he is farther from the edge.......if i move the fiddlers reflection back and shorten the boy's by a tiny bit i think it might be more believable....the far waters edge is supposed to be a bit mucky and murky and the water is supposed to begin at the base of the stone steps - ....maybe i need to shorten the boys reflection by more than i was hoping - ..anyways so great to get feedback and i appreciate yours and everyone else's - i will post an improved version hopefully soon - Thanks Again!

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    @Joy-Heyer thank you Joy! - you are right too! - I will work on the reflections - and thank you for the feedback it is very helpful to get encouragement about the image!

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    Wow this is such a great sketch! Already has so much depth, wonderful shapes and value range. Not sure the story behind this, but would it be too big of a change to put a third guy in the bottom right foreground? Or maybe just something to fill the space a little?

    Really looking forward to see where this one goes!

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    @Kevin-Longueil I just noticed you are in Portland, I am just across the river in Vancouver! We should grab a beer sometime and talk art!

  • Hi @Kevin-Longueil!

    Great piece! I wish I could give you some great advices because you gave me so many good idea on my work, but this piece is really strong! The only thing that I would do is maybe apply @natiwata's idea and add a 3rd character in the foreground. I have heard Will, Jake and Lee saying that 2 is a bad design number as it creates tension between the elements... I think it would really add to this piece to include a 3rd foreground character!

    Great work!!

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    Really sweet piece! Only thing I might suggest is organizing your values. This crit is only a suggestion because depending on the finished style, you may want to keep it high contrast (a la Mike Mignola). In this comp I limited the background values and lowerd the contrast so they recede. Then I subdued the contrast in the forground leaning towards the darks so it separates.

    Just food for thought. Again, really solid one ya got here! : ) 1451467721533-well-met-2.jpg

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    @natiwata @NoWayMe Thank you for your feedback Nat and Noemie! The 2 and 2 is something i was worried about compositionally...... my hope is that the Tree with the face serves as a 3rd on the closest bank? - but i'm thinking it is not quite working that way since you both made the observation - the blank'ish space to the right of the closest character on the ground and in the water is where i was planning on a text box of some design going - would this maybe balance it visually....? Not to wander too far off into the weeds but i have been wondering lately if that format would even work for me - i think my images might be a bit dark...maybe it should be more graphic novel than children's book format...i don't know.....anyways back to the question at hand - i think story wise there are supposed to be parallels between the two sets of characters so i would be changing the story for the composition - i totally see your points though - i am not defending my piece for sure - just thinking out loud with you guys - i really appreciate getting the feedback and help - Thank you again!

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    @Lee-White Thank you Lee! - Really appreciate your time - the contrast change you made gives a much clearer feeling of depth - i will work on my values - Thank you again!

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