3rd Thursday Jan

  • Initial sketch here. Stanley (an animal control officer) rushed outside to see what was making that horrendous noise and found... a gang of rapping/beatboxing cats!

    As you do...

    Kind of a play on the whole squawling group of cats on a fence that usually get a boot thrown at them... I dunno, I spend my days in the company of a toddler and a 5 month old so my sense of humor may have died a death... we shall see 🙂

    Welcome any feedback on composotion or character at this stage. Cheers!

    Stanley and the Rapping Cats sketch1.jpg

  • Funny idea! I really liked your character design of Stanly. I feel like if anything, you should try and push the design of the cats. They are somewhat generic looking (if that is the right term) and you will want them to stand out.

    Minor notes:

    1. There is something weird going on with Stan's foot and that cat tail. Kind of tangenty.
    2. If he dropped that net, maybe move it in front of him--possibly do something different with his left hand--it's at an angle that almost says "I don't like drawing hands so I'm hiding this one." Maybe scratching his head?
    3. I'd like to hear other's thoughts on this but: I'd get rid of the right most cat.

  • Thanks so much for the feedback Matt! See exactly what you mean about the tangent there, thinking I may try to push the shape of the cats further - definitely not there yet in terms of character. Here's to hoping time permits in a busy month! Appreciate you taking the time to share those constructive notes with me!

  • Why not 🙂 But he doesnt seem like "rushing". Concerning the technical part. Either dont draw the car, or draw it in a correct perspective. Where is the horizont line? Maybe something like this?

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