Jan 3rd Thursday

  • Really not sure if I like any perspective here. I may change the concept all together if I can't narrow something down. I really want to get some details on Stanley without loosing the impact of the house. Oh and this is of a satyr (stanley) in the woods coming out of his tree house and he sees the Baba Yaga witch and her house ripping through the forest.

    Any suggestions much appreciated. Hope everyone had a great Holiday for those who celebrate!



  • I kind of really like the witch on the ground next to the tall house that is doing all that damage. The contrast of her being so small by comparison, and so calmly next to the carnage, is really nice. I'm not sure I prefer any of these perspectives, however. I would suggest doing at least 10 more thumbnails of possibilities. Here is a simple illustration that I have always admired:


    I think this type of perspective would work well for your concept. I say put Stanley more in the lower middle of the page, rather than all the way at the bottom, just like you see here. I find myself often borrowing the perspective of pieces that I really like.

  • I like that picture. I like how they are loosely defined as well. I had done one earlier sort of similar for the position you are suggesting, that I didn't develop at all due to how small he looked.


    I thought I also might be able to have him come out and see them already past which would allow me to show his face more.

    Thanks! I appreciate it will play around with some more comps.

  • Was so busy this month didn't plan on entering but decided to do something last minute. Feedback welcome not sure how much I can change before then but always welcome 😃


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