Our SVS Virtual Studio JULY 2020 💥

  • happy summer everyone :-)!Celebration.JPG

  • Main_Characters_Final.jpg

  • @TessaW Oh my goodness I LOVE that kid by the K in King. I love the overall piece and that dragon as well! But that kid makes my day!

  • This month I am working on process....and trying to enjoy summer despite COVID....and color...and edge control....and....ARGHHHpaddleboard sketch single mom stories.jpg ![alt text](Sybil Ludington adjusted for print.jpg image url)

  • Hey everyone! I just got an iPad Pro so I’ve started teaching myself procreate this month! It’s super fun!



  • @JessicaStauffer Thanks Jessica! I had a hard time getting him right. Glad you like him. 😃

  • I'm writing a very silly thing for giggles.

    I am aware of the typo, 😆


  • -e5etk9.jpg
    Made these guys for an 'Art Walk' my city was having. I set up a little table at a local art gallery and showed some of my other sculptures too. I've never done that, it was an experience. People were not interested, but a few kids said they were neat. Hurray?

  • I just finished up my Zoe Perisco inspired work and it didn't come out as nice as I'd like. I did like the mountains and so I remember that "song of the sea" Pinterest pictures had similar line work on their rocks, so I wanted to give them a similar go with pastels:

    monday studio 2020-07-27 rock 01 svs ready.jpg
    monday studio 2020-07-27 rock 02 svs ready.jpg
    monday studio 2020-07-27 rock 03 svs ready.jpg

    🙂 These are set up for Instagram which is why there is so much white space between. Thanks

  • Here’s a character lineup I’ve been working on from the new Character Design class. What do you think?

    From left to right: Cogsworth, Belle, Beast, Mrs. Potts, dog

  • @Eric-Droke these are wonderful and so unique!

  • @xin-li , I love this little guy so much! How did you get so much color in the fur and in those little music notes? Beautiful! That color variation adds so much interest and life to the image. I’d love to know how you did that.

  • @Coley Thanks a ton! I’m still trying to wrap my head around “my style” and it’s really nice to get feedback. I appreciate it very much.

  • @Eric-Droke thank you very much. Regarding adding color variation. I put down one layer of the main color, then just use smaller brushes adding layers of layers of different color on top. Some times I adjust the opacity of the layer a bit so the colro mix together better. This particular image is done in procreate with 6b pencil and artistic crayon brushes (both are default procreate brushes). I try to think of how impressionist painter uses color - like Claude Monet's green is never just green - if you look closely there is pink, red, yellow, purple, and all other color in his green.

  • @xin-li Thanks for the info! It’s similar to how I work, but I’m definitely going to try pushing more color in my process. Love it!

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    I started a Ko-fi this month, and every week I've put out some little something to the--count'em: TWO people who donated that month. LOL! So far I've shared three phone wallpapers and two Zoom backgrounds. It's not a lot, but it keeps me doodling. It has been hard to stay focused and motivated lately, to be quite honest. I have ignored my social media accounts over the last month and I find myself getting more and more tired and depressed a lot easier than I used to... I've lost a lot of drive somehow, and I'm not sure how to find it again... I have to turn everything back from being daunting and exhausting toward being exciting and validating again, and that just seems so hard right now. It's all I can do to just doodle... Anyone else experiencing this at the moment?


  • SVS OG

    I haven’t been on in a while and like @Coreyartus, I too was feeling artistically dry but going on vacation has helped a lot. I missed some great work on this thread while I was not paying attention. Anyway, I struggle with environments and settings so I took a watercolor sketch I did at the lake and turned it into a Lilliputian setting. It was fun.

  • I drew some StarWars fanart
    IMG_20200727_224325_429.jpg IMG_20200727_152320_481.jpg

  • hello:) I've clearly been doodling a bunch of puppies this month.... hehe





  • Messin' around with a portfolio book dummy. A chance to do many silly illustrations 🙂


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