Where to find the SCBWI monthly contest prompts?

  • Hey there illustrators,
    I wonder if anyone knows where to find links to social media contests/prompt lists. I'm thinking specifically of SCBWI's #drawthis... the website with the prompt seems not to be current...?

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    @Laurasketches Hi, search the hashtag on instagram and twitter. They have moved to the social media outlets for each prompt. "Night sounds" is July's prompt. IMO they don't showcase it enough, and I find it hard to participate!

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    This is a snippet from the e- newsletter that goes out each month to members.

    "Draw This! is our monthly prompt word for illustrators. Artists can post their DrawThis! entries on Twitter and Instagram. View the June entries by searching the tag #SCBWIDrawThis.
    Congratulations to the June winners! The prompt word was "Justice" ...

  • Yes it's hard to find sometimes! They usually post the current prompt at the bottom of the insight newsletter email. Mine just came by email today

  • Thanks guys (@artbytra and @Coley) do you have suggestions for prompt contests that generate more showcasing on social media? (excepting SVS and Inktober, of course...)?

  • I actually just “won” this contest on Instagram, it was a draw this in your style thing, I just did it on a whim, it was the first time I ever did one. The win generated at least a hundred new followers in a week, I only had a little over 300 lol. So that’s a lot! And I’ll have my work featured in 5 separate posts by children’s illustrators art on Instagram so that will be more followers each time. I’m not sure if that will translate to actual paid work lol but it’s still good. The contest was run by the guy who runs children’s illustrators art account, someone named Julian charlton. So his personal account as well as that one I mentioned are running another contest of sorts now along with other illustration accounts, you can go look it up, the theme is magic I think. They are all children’s illustration focused. There must be more of these draw this in your style contests but I am not totally u- ooh it. That;s one way tong featured, and people look up the hashtags too. Maybe it’s just other wanna be illustrators, but an agency that represents children’s illustrators did make a comment on my art, so that encourages me to start following up with agents!

  • @Coley Yes I saw and super happy for you. 100+ followers and your work getting around more always good. I started to follow him for a later time participating in something. 🙂 and YES for the agency YES YES YES!

  • @Heather-Boyd thanks girl 😁. You're always so supportive of everyone.🙂 I'm glad you are following him. I think his contest didn't get as many entries as some that get hundreds or thousands? So I just kind of lucked out too as he's just starting to grow his Audience. I think he started this last year maybe? He has over 90 k followers tho and the children's illustrators art one has even more so it's sti great press so to speak LoL.

  • @Coley said in Where to find the SCBWI monthly contest prompts?:

    This is very helpful info! Thank you! And congratulations on the mention and followers!

  • @Laurasketches thanks 😊 good luck with figuring it all out!

  • @Laurasketches Thanks for posting this. Although, I eventually found July's draw this prompt it took way too long to find it and I felt incredibly stupid searching for it. I totally agree with @artbytra. They make it hard to participate. Good luck!!

  • Congratulations @Coley!

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