What To Do When You're Between Jobs

  • I love it when a new podcast comes out..am I the only one that listens to these more than once?! 😬
    I'm a glass artist who makes jewelry [as well as working on being a children's book illustrator! 😃] and have been asked many times for free work for charities and auctions. If I'm behind the charity I don't mind and have given my best work many times, but there's a fine line between being used and being charitable and I suppose only you know when that line has been crossed.

  • I loved this episode! It inspired me to keep improving in between books.

  • Great ep!
    I organized my art office a while back, but I think it's in need of a 'stage 2'.

    I like entering art contests, Jake is running one over on DeviantArt right now that I'm for sure going to take part in. I'd love to do more contests, but I usually hear about them after they're over. Is there an online site that lists various art contests taking place?

    I also can confirm that reposting old art is super helpful in building your audience. Something I made a month ago that got an ok reaction online, can get a HUGE reaction when I post it again. It's so true what Jake was saying about ppl not scrolling through your whole profile. Especially on Twitter. I've posted the same sculptures multiple times, ppl don't care.

  • Enjoyed this episode 🙂 I have to add - if you are looking for a way to prop up reference books while you're working, get a cook book stand! This is what I do. Works perfectly

  • Love the episode SVS Team!

    By far, the single action that has helped me tremendously is entering every SVS Monthly Challenge. The support from the community is incredible and I absolutely love voting during the Sweet 16 critique arena.

    I created a website too, but wasn’t quite ready for it so I took it offline for now. I’m avoiding all social media to focus on one thing, getting better.

    Thanks again for a great podcast!

  • It's funny to hear the other areas where people are being asked to work for free. I'm English, living in France and since I also speak French, I am constantly being asked by friends and also vague acquaintances to translate all manner of things for free! Sometimes it's ok but I don't think people always realise the effort behind these things.

  • On Harry Potter illustrations, Jim Kay is doing the most amazing illustrated versions of HP books in the UK. Basically a picture book with words crazy stuff definitely check it out.
    Very energetic guy, great lecture where he talks about his process, finding textures---> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDPcGdt40RU

    Always in awe with the art heritage surrounding HP, Star Wars, LOTR...

    Congrats on the Kickstarter Will!

  • @Deborah-Cantlon-Lambson Haha! You are not alone! They're great to have on while you're inking or sketching. Lovely to hear the banter between them all and always good, real-world advice.

  • Great Episode. I particularly connected to the 1st item. I could do much better at keeping up with my clients.

  • @Geoffrey-Gordon As a fellow web designer/developer, I second this! every. single. point.

  • @Geoffrey-Gordon Yes! I worked as a software developer for 20+ years, then as a data analyst. I started in the mid 80's and this happened often. It doesn't happen as a data analyst, probably because the average person doesn't understand data very well and therefor has little use for it.

  • Hello! Just FYI, I usually listen to your podcasts on the Podcast Addict app and this episode, for some reason, never made it over. It goes from the Heck Yeah! episode to the What to do After College episode. Just thought you'd like to know there might be a glitch. Glad I got to hear it on here though!

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