Visualising Objects in Perspective -own homework and actual assignments =)

  • I have made it to this class and am so happy. Now I haven't reached an assignment yet but I tried my hand at @Will-Terry 's laundry machine exercise. I wanted to practise this video work because I find perspective overwhelming and intimidating, so the more I practise the more at ease I will be. I had to scan multiple times because my paper was too large for the scanner. 🙂 Thanks,




  • This is Visualising Objects in Perspective first pause and you draw video. Thank you guys,




  • 2nd Visualising Objects in Perspective pause and you draw video homework, thanks:

    VOP video2.1.jpg

    VOP video2.1.1.jpg

    VOP video2.2.jpg

    VOP video2.3.jpg

    VOP video2.4.jpg

  • Okay so there wasn't a final assignment like I thought there would be for Visualising Objects in Perspective so I took my cue from Will's plane demo and tried my own plane (vintage). I will post the reference, my sketch and a pencil shaded version. Next week I will try it from another angle "visualising it". I have trouble with knowing where the interior lines go in the cylinder body of the plane in proper perspective and I find it difficult drawing wheels. I also didn't quite get the angle right. Anyways, it's a good first attempt. Thanks,

    Just for a laugh my sketch of the body of the plane reminds me of a cucumber/squash or is it just me?

    vintage planes.jpg

    vinatge plane sketch.jpg

    vintage plane sketchshaded.jpg

  • So this is what I will have for the curriculum critique -struggle a bit but I will move forward and try more simple combinations.

    Objects in Perspective for curriculum critique.jpg

  • SVS OG

    Looks like you've learned a lot. I love your plane! I have been through perspective many times but I still have a really hard time with it. Jusgt have to keep trying 🙂

  • @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen Thank you kindly. 🙂 We just keep plugging away.

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