Lee White's process for rapid level up?

  • Hi all, I'm trying to find an episode of 3 Point Perspective where @leewhite, who got a "late" start at art, talks about how he quickly leveled up. I can't remember the details, but he had a very specific way of efficiently and quickly building his skills. It was still hard work and he didn't cut corners, but he made maximum use of his time & education. Will and Jake were really impressed with his story and I think they compared him to DaVinci at the end or something. I remember thinking when I listened to the podcast that Lee's story was an excellent roadmap, but now I can't remember the specifics or find the episode. It is not in Episode 32, "How To Be the Best Art Student", and it's not in Episode 26, "How to Become a Better Children's Book Artist" -- both of which are great episodes with great tips. Does anyone remember the episode or the details of Lee's story? Thanks to all, Carole

  • @TooTicky possibly Ep23, how to be a good art student. Could be wrong though.

  • Not sure. Some of the podcasts have fairly thorough notes below them though. It might be in there but it might be a bit of reading too!

  • @TooTicky could it be the one called “transitioning to a career in art?”

  • there was one about if you're ever too old to start an art career.

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