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  • I started off thinking of Stanley as a human but changed him to a bird. Birds have houses. The noisemaker is a singing rabbit. It's all that my brain has latched onto so far. Any suggestions for changes? I like #4 and #5 the most.


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    I like #4 best. One thing to think about, is the text saying 'Stanley ran outside...' but your bird is perched rather than running. I know it's difficult to have it otherwise with a birdhouse + perch, so you could consider another house set-up, eg the bird hopping out from the house onto a branch..? That might illustrate the movement more clearly...

  • Oh it is "ran" outside. I was thinking "rushed" but still he's perched, not moving. I'll change it so instead of covering his ears he's moving. Thanks @Dulcie !

  • I love your character! How awesome! I like #4 also.

  • SVS OG

    That bunny design is amazing. Loads of appeal!

  • 4 or 5. Also, I wouldn't worry about putting so much emphasis on "ran outside." After all, Stanley can be posed after his "running" has ceased. I like Stanley covering his ears 🙂

  • A bit more of a reaction from Stanley in this one. Any critiques are welcome 🙂


  • Haha it's so funny to see that so many of us have similar ideas! Mine is really similar - I have a coyote outside singing and Stanley is a badger coming out of his tree home. I've seen a few other people whose ideas are similar to each other's this time around too - it's catching! lol

  • Btw, I agree with you - #s 4 and 5 are my favorites - awesome perspectives!

  • @gimmehummus I like your new perspective. I'm strongly preferring #4 now, of all, however. Something about the profile view of the birdhouse, rather than seeing the opening, appeals to me.

  • I hope you don't mind my rough draw over... 🙂3453454354.jpg

  • Don't mind at all! Thanks @Will Terry . I'd been putting off continuing with it because it still felt "off".

  • Here's where I'm at. I'm trying to get the music notes in but it never looks right. I've tried it with tentacle-like sheet music lines (I don't know music terminology!) but didn't like that either. He's not a good singer so I tried making the notes jumbled but they have to be distinguishable at the same time.


  • SVS OG

    Hey @gimmehummus…. I love the textures you’ve got going on here. I had a few thoughts on how to make the terrible music work visually…(I’m not a music person either btw)

    I moved the rabbit down to the corner to give the music more space to flow upwards. Then I know you didn’t like music sheet lines but I tried again…and thought maybe some other symbols like asterisks and exclamation marks might add to the discord? Also added some green and brown to the distant trees because with the white on brown they had a lot of contrast like the birdhouse, even though they’re not as important…whereas you want the music to be seen first. Anyway hope it helps your thought process.


  • SVS OG

    Really love this concept, and nice to see the great sketch getting some volume! I think the color scheme needs a little more thought. Right now, the prominent color is a kind of mauve, which doesn't seem to go particularly well with orange or blue or green really..not sure what mauve goes with...

    I always use a ton of reference images when illustrating. I'd look at photos, other artists (Bill Watterson maybe?) and get a better idea of where I want to take a colors in this forest scene. I think compositionally there could be a great opportunity to use the shadows of the trees and leaves on the ground to lead the viewers eye where you want to.

    For the notes I'd suggest less of them, just simplify it down. Even with one note coming out, we'll get the idea from how expressive your characters are! You could also add some funny props to convey that idea as well. A karaoke mic? Boom box? Ukulele? Love your characters and style, nice work so far!

  • Thanks guys!
    @Dulcie that looks great! The extra symbols are a good addition. Thank you!

    @natiwata Thanks! I haven't done much with the ground or lighting yet. I want to build up the grass and have some dirt patches. I'll mess with the direction of the shadows to see if I can get them to work in my favor. Funny that you mentioned Bill Watterson. I love him. I collected every Calvin and Hobbes book as a kid. They were my prized possessions! I love your prop idea too. I'll add something in to push the rabbit's story.

  • I'm not much farther along with this one. It still needs a lot of work that I'm going to try to fit in by Thursday. Two projects came up so those have been my priority lately.

    The tree that the birdhouse is on has been so.... grrrrrr. The text is in the way!



  • @gimmehummus, The bird character here is so charming and your color choices are lovely. I'm a bit of a typography nerd so I thought I'd share an idea for the type.

    Maybe the light could be coming from the bottom left instead of the top right, this could push the tree back a bit so the type is more readable. I changed the colors and set them on a curve as if they were coming in around the tree.

    I really love what you've done, beautiful work :).


  • SVS OG

    @gimmehummus Congratulations on winning 3rd Thursday!!! Your piece turned out beautiful, so much character! And as a bonus, Jake, WIll and Lee wrote a story for your book! Nice work!

  • @natiwata Aw thanks! I loved yours too!

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