Having agent trouble

  • @Nyrryl-Cadiz Oh yes that would be alright with me. I'm going to go back today and redo a lot of the outlining of the parker's lemonade and It would be great to to in my portfolio which ones to keep and get take of.

  • Hi Corlette! You have some really nice work in your portfolio. It's really fun and bubbly and colourful. There is so much energy 🙂 There has been some great feedback already on your work, so I would like to comment on how your portfolio is arranged. I would agree that there are maybe too many pieces. I was always taught at uni that 15-20 pieces in your portfolio is the sweet spot. (12 is okay if you are struggling to get that many, but I don't think that will be an issue for you!) Most art directors and agents also don't have a lot of time to look at illustrator websites so they might not click through all your tabs. I don't think this is a major issue as long as you have all your best work on the initial page they see.

    I think it is okay to have some pieces which are really busy, but it would be easier on your portfolio if you broke them up a bit, for example you have a full spread or two, and then some spot illustrations with a white background. Then some more full spreads etc. The white space will break up your portfolio a bit more and make it easier to read.
    Something I do to help me arrange my portfolio is that I print out lots of little tiny versions of my artwork. Then I can cut them up and arrange them to try and make them 'flow' nicely. This helps for arranging both online and physical portfolios as I can see how the colours and compositions work together. Putting together a portfolio is kinds of similar to making an illustration as things like how the colours and compositions work together is important 😂

  • @eriberart I see. The way I was arranging them was which ever piece I made for my story in the order its in is how I would place it. Does that mean that the pieces that are personal stories dont have to got together in the portfolio and I can put single pieces that are stand alone drawing in between?

    And I have so many regular drawings too what do you do with your extra illustrations ? Do you archive them for later use ?

    And thank you for pointing that out I havent thought about web/portfolio placement since leaving school.

  • @Corlette-Douglas I do try and group images from the same story, but usually I will only put two or so of my favourite images from that project in my portfolio as I want to show a variety of characters/scenarios, and even then some illustrations from the same story are full spreads and others are spot illustration or vignettes. Then I have a separate 'books' tab on my website where if you want to see more from that specific project/request a PDF of the full dummy book then that can be done there.
    I'm super picky about my portfolio, and generally I have a 'one in, one out' rule, so if I create a piece I really like and think my portfolio would benefit from it, I replace my current least favourite piece from my portfolio. I might just be too critical of my own work though 😂 I would say only a fraction of what I create goes in my portfolio! The rest I post on social media/just treat as practices.

  • @eriberart ok I'm going to go ahead and break things up I can use a little more spot illustartions on the website to go with my already personal stories. Thank you for the advice 👍🏾

  • @MirkaH Thank you for the feed back I just started taking illustrations out this week , the white boarder thing I'm not sure if I can put that in the gallery layout or if its even enabled but I'm going to make spots and white space in a few of my images to give it a breathable look if that makes sense.

  • @eriberart and I just added text to two of my personal book illustrations and I feel so weird about it. I know I'm not a writer so seeing what I think the text would /should be is really odd. I know I have to leave it in so agents can see how I work.

  • @Corlette-Douglas do you mean the two lemonade illustrations? I think the text is pretty good and doesn't need to be perfect to really work but we can help you edit it so that you feel more comfortable with it. Although people don't post about this as much on this forum, we can help you clean up the text too to make sure there aren't any mistakes in it that will grab too much attention away from your illustrations.

    I know you were interested in Clavis Publishing, so in case you're in the US, I want to mention that there is a picture book contest you can enter up until June 30. If any of yours fit a 12 spread format and have the text sort of worked out you might want to consider entering. https://www.clavis-publishing.com/keycolors

  • @carolinebautista yeah the Clavis Publishing I really wasn't going to enter cause Im really not one for writing but I guess I can if I keep fixing my one story I have and add words to it.

    And that would be great but ehh I dont want to be a bother , I've already asked about my work and I'd feel like it's much to ask for text as well. 😅

  • @Corlette-Douglas if your site is on wordpress, you can add borders to images in gallery

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