Critique request for June WIP

  • Hey all, I'm working on improving my process in illustration.... step one...thumbnails. Please let me know which thumb is working best for you and (more importantly) why. (I sometimes get lost in drawing and forget what I am trying to achieve in an image). Many june svs thumbs.jpg thanks in advance!!!

  • @Laurasketches hello! I like B and F best : they are the most readable and they capture well the story. Also, I love the laughing monkey! This little guy is smart and worryless!

    I don't participate because my drawing skills are terrible but I always give a thought on how I would treat it myself and pic A is close to my idea. I like the monkey playing with fruits. To me, pic A fails because the image is too static with the island in the middle and the monkey is too small. With a different point of view, this idea could work better. In my scenario, I placed the juggling monkey inside the opened mouth of the aligator with a view on the other shore where oranges grow.

    There are good things here, good luck for the contest!

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    @Laurasketches I really like the composition and energy of D and the expression on the monkey’s face looks perfect to me too - really nice - they all are really 🙂

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    My favorites are D, E, & F.

    I think all there of them have a different sense of energy being communicated--D is very active and because of the angle it seems to have a dynamism that speaks to a very energetic Bongo. E has a lot of "potential" energy alluding to a more thinking Bongo, and F seems to have more "traditional balance" that puts Bongo and Clyde on equal levels of story importance. I guess you just need to figure out how you want your image to support what you feel needs to be emphasized.

    They're all really strong choices--I mean, seriously, all of your thumbnails would be fantastic fully-fleshed out illustrations each in their own way. You have a lot to choose from, and maybe choosing one for the prompt and then exploring a few others for more portfolio material could be a great project! Kudos!

  • I like C. It looks like the monkey has just popped out of the alligator's mouth. I think you captured that well.

  • Thanks guys! onto sketches... I'll post my progress.

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