Jan 3rd Thurs

  • SO my idea is Stanley hears a spaceship firing it's weapons...

    I just did this really fast, cause this is kind of the comic page idea I had the night of the critique. But I am wondering, if I should move up the middle right panel to the upper right. Get rid of the figure coming down the stairs and the Exit sign... and instead in the middle on either side draw buildings in perspective... ( EDIT I went and did it... )

    So 1 or 2? Should the bottom figure be smaller, like tiny, to show the scale of the ship in comparison? I could do cars on fire on either side or cars flying in the air. You know really Michael Bay this sucka... lol

    EDIT#2 I think I'm gonna add glasses to Stanley and make him older...

  • @Bobby-Aquitania My pick is number 2.

  • #2. The skyline provides a break between the top and bottom. .

  • SVS OG

    #2 gets my vote as well. The cityscape really leads the eye to the robot in the middle. #1 has more focal points and doesn't seem as strong. Nice work!!!

  • SVS OG

    I agree #2 also, the skyline gives a better sense of location 🙂

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