Forum Art Challenge (if that's allowed)

  • Hello Creative People!!

    I'm new to SVS Learn forum! Are there any Chicagoland artists here? I'd love to connect and make some new art friends!

    Starting a forum art challenge! If you want to connect/meet some friends on this leave your reply along with your doodle/illustration. (Doesn't have to be perfect)

    Art Challenge: Rubber Ducky

    Hope to chat soon! I've attached my quick rubber ducky doodle below!



  • Hi @Sasha-Contreras, that’s a cute illustration! I’m from H-Town, but we are on same time zone, lol!

    Welcome to the community, I think you’ll love it and it will definitely help you become a better artist, at least it has for me.

    Any relation to Bret Contreras??

  • Here's my rubber ducky! I tried my best.

    His name is Roman cuz he be roamin the waters constantly on the lookout. He's a mad hustler and he's all about getting dat bread.
    rubber ducky delete later.png

  • @Frost-Drive - lol, Your description is great! Ha, ha

  • @Jeremy-Ross YAASS!! Houston!! I definitely have that on my bucket list to go on vacation! What's your favorite thing about Houston?

    Thank you! I thought a rubber ducky would be a fun doodle for people to get creative and draw something simple.

    I'm really happy to find a platform with creative people! My main friend groups tend to be business, psychology, or medical. So it's great to talk to people that understand me a bit better in terms of goals and mindset! Glad to hear that you've had a positive experience so far! Any courses you've enjoyed taking?

    No relation to Bret Contreras unfortunately but I'm sure he's awesome!!

  • @Frost-Drive LMAOOOO!!! I love the name Roman!! Thank you for drawing your rubber ducky!! I like the smirk you gave him! #GetThatBread where are you from? any courses you can recommend on SVS learn? 🙂

  • Hi @Sasha-Contreras, I love the culture and diversity of Houston, which makes the food awesome! We have a lot of amazing art murals on buildings, so that’s pretty cool if you’re in to art.

    Regarding courses, start on Level 1 of the curriculum! Honestly, I recommend all SVS courses.

    I recently drew a rubber ducky for Mermay illustration, so it’s cropped and pasted below.

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @Sasha-Contreras welcome to the forums. I am in the Chicagoland area. Far south New Lenox.

  • I'm from California, but here's a rubber ducky drawing. I hope you are enjoying the forums & find some creative friends online & in person!

    rubber duck.jpg

  • @Jeremy-Ross Hey it's been a while! Hope you're doing well!! I love the style and will definitely count this as a rubber ducky submission! Super cute character and great curious expression! I actually just finished the shadow and lighting course that focused on perspective as well! Great course! I am definitely going to check out the rest of the level 1 courses!

  • @Chip-Valecek LOVE THE CORONA 50 joke you have in your artwork on instagram!! Thanks for sharing on my post! Any hidden gems in your area? Hope you're doing well! It's been super hot out this week!

  • @Miriam Hi! Thank you for posting in my rubber ducky post!! I love your ducky and the bubbles was a cute touch! It's awesome to talk with people all the over the country on here! Hope to meet/talk with more friendly people like you!! Hope to chat more soon!

  • @Sasha-Contreras - Thanks! I thought the bubbles would help establish that it's a rubber duck, since I didn't draw a bathtub (or someone holding it, etc.) & bubbles are always fun!

    Has anyone else been thinking of the 'Rubber Ducky' song from 'Sesame Street' when they look at this post? 🙂
    (For anyone who didn't grow up on that show, it's a classic from children's television in the US:

    Oh yeah—there are so many friendly and helpful people here on SVS. I've never heard anything negative in the forums—I mean, they'll give it to you straight if you ask for a critique on your work, but people are great about saying things they like about the piece as well as suggestions for changes, and they give advice in a friendly and positive way.

    I love how supportive people are of each other no matter what skill level the artist has achieved. The camaraderie makes this a fun environment to learn, share, and be inspired by others.

  • @Sasha-Contreras

    I'm gonna have to draw a rubber ducky now 🙂

    I'm always on board for finding new art friends! I live in California now, but I was born and raised in Chicago. I miss it a lot... except winter lol. Enjoy the thunderstorms, italian beef, and pizza for me!

  • New to these forums (and Illinois) as well. Thanks for the inspiration to draw something today!
    Here is my rubber duck sketch:

  • @verysamish THIS IS AWESOME!!! Welcome! Thank you for sharing your art! Love the frame you created! I'm from the south west suburbs! I'm in the middle between Chicago and the big suburb areas. Know any hidden gems in Illinois worth visiting? Or have an instagram to check out more of your work? 🙂

  • Welcome @Sasha-Contreras! Nice tiger-duck. I'm in the far northern suburbs (Gurnee).

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