May Isolation submission query too!

  • Hi guys, like @Mairin-Kareli, I was so excited too that every entry to the critique arena today was given some constructive criticism today. I had a long shot query, my Zoom screen froze just as Will started to critique my image so I never heard any of it! I was gutted as it worked fine and only froze one other time for the previous two hours 😃 Sod's law. I know it's a long shot but if anyone heard any of the criticism I'd REALLY appreciate hearing what was said. Stupid internet connection! Every bit of criticism is SO valuable when you're a beginner like me!

    I will try to comment @Mairin-Kareli on my thoughts about your composition but as a novice I don't really feel I'm qualified to comment!

    Great competition today and HUGE well done to the awesome winners!

  • Hi - what was your piece? I watched the whole thing I might remember

  • Oh thank you SO much. It was the very last one, the little spaceman looking back to earth with a smashed up lunar module thing beside him. I SO appreciate it. I was yelling at my computer when it froze! Every bit of constructive criticism is so appreciated and valuable when you are starting eh?!

  • @Lorna-H they said it was really good, but it was the first concept idea Will had with the theme, so not as unique. His suggestions were the crashes space ship should have crisper more defined details because it is closer ( don’t change value) and the earth should be less defined because it is further away and less intense color.

  • Amazing!! Thank you SO much for helping me out on that. That's really helpful to hear that specific feedback. That's so kind of you to answer. When I get a quiet moment I will take time to look at yours for composition thoughts. Thanks again. I'm delighted to get critiqued!

  • SVS OG

    @Lorna-H I’m sorry I missed it!...but they will post the video in the “critique arena” class soon so you will see it eventually 🙂 probably knew that

  • Thank you @Kevin-Longueil - that’s great news. I’m pretty new to all this so I didn’t realise they posted up the discussion later. I feel a bit stupid now for asking the forum if anyone had seen my feedback 😂 Never mind, I’m over the moon to get a mini critique. Thanks for telling me about the critique arena being posted. Much appreciated.

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