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  • I'm working on making some portfolio illustrations, and I wanted to showcase with this one that I can illustrate crowds, perspectives, monsters and cities.
    At first my idea was having a girl ride a monster in a monster world city, but then I changed it near the end to the idea that a girl is trapped in a world full of mean monsters.

    I like H the best. I think the idea of 'i' is good, but it really sucks compositionally. I guess I ran out of gas at the end. lol

    alt text

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    I wonder if A, C, D, or E give you a better opportunity to draw city buildings and crowds than other options...

    A, C and H all have a smaller-scaled girl in them, allowing more room for your buildings and crowds. I know you want the emphasis on the girl, obviously, but I think the others lose a bit of that opportunity in the composition.

  • @Coreyartus That's a really good point!! I forgot the point of the illustration with a couple of these thumbs.

    With that in mind this really narrows it down to A C and H! Thanks Corey!!

  • While my personal fave was D, any number of them would make an awesome illustration. I also really like A and C because there's a lot of movement in them. If you are personally leaning toward H, I'd say go for that one. The overall comp works well and has an interesting subject.

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    @Frost-Drive I'm a big fan of C, has a lot of dynamic and looks fun to draw! I'm also a fan of illustrations that have kids who like monsters. But H is a good choice if you're leaning toward that, it has great tension.

  • I'm loving these thumbnails! C is my favorite, and I especially love that she's silhouetted against the moon. One suggestion would be to zoom out even more to include more buildings. Maybe you can also play with scale a little more by making the monster really huge so that it's stepping over the buildings. Great work so far!

  • @Frost-Drive B,C,F
    B- perspective cool
    C- a lot of your elements
    F- really feel for her

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