January is special....?

  • The email says SVS invites previous winners to participate and that January is special.

    Does this mean that previous winners have the chance to win or be critiqued even if 1 year has not lapsed since they've won last?

  • @mattramsey yeah, they announced it during the critique video. all participants including past winners are eligible with the beginning of the year.

  • @mattramsey yup, Will said so in the critique, and I think it says so in the new January 3rd Thursday description too.

  • I got the impression from the video that starting January they will allow previous winners to be critiqued and win. This will be a new policy moving forward with the competition. I hope I heard that correctly. I hope this encourages the strongest artists to continue to participate in 3rd Thursday. Nothing is more motivational for me than to strive to create work that is on par or better than my peers.

  • It's obvious that we don't know what we're doing but in an effort to strike a balance we decided to let all past winners back in for January's competition. We'll still make winners each month ineligible as we progress through the year to make room for different winners each time. We'd love to know if you guys think this seems like a good plan but we'd also love to hear your ideas? Thank you...

  • @Will-Terry No I think it makes sense--I must have missed that part in the video (I had to leave the meeting because I had to figure out why our van wasn't starting).

  • @Will-Terry said:

    We'd love to know if you guys think this seems like a good plan but we'd also love to hear your ideas? Thank you...

    I think letting past winners be eligible is great - in ANY month, not just January. It raises the bar and we all can benefit from critiques of their images, as well as getting to see their consistently great stuff.

    Perhaps make the winners eligible for the critiques, but limit the number of free courses anyone can win in any year, if that is the problem?

  • I agree with Nancy. I would much rather see consistently great work get critiqued than see the pool of participants dwindle, and quality decrease, throughout the year because there is no reason to continue to compete. I am less concerned with the amount of times you can win. The winning of free classes is much less a motivator for me than the critiques and seeing quality solutions to the prompts..

  • SVS OG

    @Will-Terry I agree with many things written above and there are so many ways to look at the 3rd thursday so this is technically not disagreement 🙂 .....but i think that this is a great opportunity for teaching - i would say call the best entries the winners - i don't think winning matters to most people - the critique is what folks are hoping for - finding the pieces that offer the best opportunity for critique for you as a teacher would be my vote - maybe sometimes the winners would offer the best teaching value but i would guess not too often - critiquing pieces that if they had just done this or that with color or composition would have taken them to the next level is more valuable than seeing why someone won - still call the best each month the winners but focus on helping individual students that are close to leveling up ...level up - thats my take anyways - i think really you are awesome and we are all very grateful for what you have built here...so whatever you do is fine 🙂 - but those are my ideas

  • SVS OG

    I like what's being proposed, especially above by Kevin. I think winning doesn't necessarily need to be tied to which pieces are critiqued. Students that on the brink of 'leveling up' or even pieces that are making common pitfalls you see a lot would be game. Either way, thank you for doing it, they've been really great to watch!

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