Isolation book cover WIP - feedback thread-

  • Haha, I love people's suggestions. Adding the princess maybe detracts from the isolation theme slightly- but I do like how it adds to the humor and adds to the idea that isolation doesn't have to last forever and that there's hope on the horizon,

    The princess bringing supplies is also hilarious and would make this feel like a covid-19 commentary with the timing- it would make the interpretation more specific.

    The princess climbing the beard is also fun, but would add some unpredictability as far as the contest theme and judging goes, since it detracts from "isolation. It could work well in a portfolio though.

    I think pushing the perspective is a good idea in any case. One possible idea that may or may not work would be putting the background princess on a hill. It could indicate it's not a strait path on ground level to the tower and may give more interpretation to the tower possibly being higher up, if they are in an environment with hills and valleys. Does that make sense?

  • Oh great input on having the princess on a hill @TessaW ! I think that'll really add to the implicit height of the tower In that case you may not need to change the perspective too much either.
    The Princess getting toilet roll is really funny! It would work well for this prompt but not so much for a portfolio piece I think because it's too specific and timely. If you're feeling reaalllly ambitious, you can create different versions for the contest and portfolio coz the concept is great for both! 😃

  • d54fe778-e499-44b2-ba97-56dd4ace9dff-image.png e1b8d938-5b2f-4f66-abaf-e30148fe2e3c-image.png

    Okay do you like option 1, 2 or 3 better! And is that perspective working better?

    @theprairiefox @Jeremy-Ross

  • Definitely better @carlianne! I like #2 for May prompt and #3 for a cover portfolio piece! Nicely done!

  • #2 is an immediate read for me on what's going on and it was instantly engaging.

  • I went with #3 as I'm doing the contests more for my portfolio than anything else. Here is my color study image.png

    Any additional feedback welcome!

  • SVS OG

    @carlianne I think you've nailed it! It has your color palette, and it's all very clear at the same time. Go for it!

  • Gorgeous colors! Love it!

  • poses.png
    I'm starting to clean up details and make some final decisions on the drawing, any thought on which pose is better and reads more like isolation?

  • I like A. He opens us up to the whole scene, but he hasn't quite noticed the princess-in-shining armor yet and it amps up the anticipation.

  • @TessaW Thanks Tessa!

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