Isolation Landscape WIP - critiques welcome

  • @gavpartridge I am working on establishing a base style for my characters. I am glad you are liking them.

    Thanks for the advice on the hair it looks much better. I haven't done the detail on the characters yet. The whole picture is still only 7 inches wide (and I work traditionally).

    I will definitely clean that up on the next revision when I get it to full size.

  • @theprairiefox 2B reads as a story to me! But I actually thought it was a dad coming home it something, kinda reminded me of dads coming home from war.

  • With this piece (or both if I have time) I am planning on using papercut and watercolor.

    I just did a test of my process on a small amount and thought I would share how it came out.

    Photo May 26, 11 17 44 AM.jpg

  • @theprairiefox Cool! I've also been considering doing paper cutouts + watercolor this month (currently I have a watercolor background with a digital character on top, but I've been considering changing the digital character to a paper cutout). One thing to consider might be scanning the paper cutout pieces separately and then compositing them digitally? I think a key thing with cutouts that can give them some depth is the little shadows where they overlap, and creating these digitally made give a little more control? It's definitely possible to do that with photography but it seems tricky.

    Ps, if you haven't seen his work before, I recommend the books of David Wisniewski, who made children's books with amazing paper cutouts. Might give some inspiration. Here's a so-so photo of one of his books:


  • @Braxton very cool. I will definitely check David Wisniewski out.

    I connected with Kelsey Sheldon who does some very cool paper cut work both illustration and animation. She had some great advice and she is mixing watercolor and papercut as well.

    She suggested:

    double sided, sticky foam spacers are really helpful for adding dimension- like you said about your own piece, that dimension can be really lovely! This is a way to add it while keeping everything secure, and it gives you more control over where the spacing is. I usually use these in combination with rubber cement.

    Another illustrator you might want to look at is Camille Garoche she has done a couple of wordless books using papercut and watercolor. She actually mounts her paper cuts in a box with space in between to give that depth as well.

  • Another WIP update.

    I am not convinced that I like the amount of color texture with the washes. I almost find it too distracting.

    Let me know what you think. Everything is still editable, very little is glued yet.

    On to the characters...

    Photo May 28, 9 06 48 AM (1).jpg

  • Okay, here is the first version with everything. Questions abound, would love to hear your thoughts.

    • Do the mountains have TOO much contrast? Are they distracting?
    • Does the color of the girl work? Should she be redder and less orange?
    • Does the person walking convey mailman? I made him slightly blue and added a hat and letter.
    • Does the border work? I thought it added some professionalism... I might be crazy though.

    Thanks for the input.

    Note I will retake the photo playing with lighting as well.

    Photo May 28, 7 15 28 PM.jpg

  • @theprairiefox It's really well done. The only thing I think is a little distracting is the white unpainted parts of the background.

  • SVS OG

    @theprairiefox This is really interesting! The mountains are a bit distracting. I am wondering if the mountains could have an additional blue wash over them in the same tint as the mailman? That would bring in that color more and might make the mountains more subtle too.

    Very fun to experiment with!

  • @theprairiefox I love the textures and the variation of the color. Love it!

  • Here is the landscape for the prairie picture.

    I am going to try to get the characters on today and then I will have to decide which to submit?!?!?

    Photo May 29, 3 37 08 PM.jpg

  • Here is the final(ish) for the second one.

    Any feedback on this one is welcome.

    Also, which do you think better fits this month's prompt?

    Photo May 29, 5 33 08 PM (1).jpg

  • @theprairiefox looking good! To me the first one (with the little girl small) fits the prompt better, as her scale and distance from the viewer makes her feel more isolated. I do like the greater degree of contrast in the second image though.

  • @theprairiefox

    I think the second is a better image, but the first fits the prompt better. I agree that the mountains are too busy - the postman is also getting lost a little bit, it took me a second to find him. What if you made the postman a similar color to the little girl?

  • Okay, I cleaned up the mountains. Did a little repositioning. Straightened the house in the prairie scene. And retook the pictures for each.

    These are final...

    Let me know which you think is better for the contest this month. I am having a hard time deciding. I will post it up to the main thread tomorrow.

    Photo May 30, 9 52 17 AM (1).jpg

    Photo May 30, 8 58 34 AM (1).jpg

  • I would go with the prairie scene for the contest, currently it's more striking because of the values and color combo and out of the two it feels more like "isolation"- though that could be a subjective read on my part. The mountain scene, I love it overall, but I think it is too contrasted in the textures of the mountains and therefore not quite as striking.

    That being said, this technique is gorgeous. I'd love to see more of this from you.

  • @TessaW thanks. I really love the depth and texture I was able to do with these. Once past the learning curve it is a pretty simple process as well.

    I think I will try this for one of my book dummies.

    I may try mixing the paper cutting with printmaking as well. I love to experiment.

  • @theprairiefox I agree with everything @TessaW said. Really cool to follow the process!

  • @TessaW & @Braxton thanks for the responses. I have to agree that I think the prairie has a more isolating feel. I am going to go with that one.

    I did retake the picture one last time (I thought the girl wasn't straight enough. Here is the 'final final'!

    Photo May 31, 10 55 24 AM (1).jpg

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