Mr. Mole sketch critique welcome.

  • Mr. Mole keeper of tunnels and secrets. Critiques welcome.


  • Hi @erinrew. What sort of critique are you looking for? Is this a sketch? I would want some context before I gave my input. Its a good rendering for a sketch.

  • @chrisaakins Hi Chris. Yes, it is just a sketch. I’m just looking for feedback on ways to improve. Things that might need work that I don’t see.

  • Very cute and appealing overall. The glasses are a funny and sweet touch. I think it might be nice to have a couple of fur line details here and there on the interior, and a few breaking out of the silhouette (unless it's a furless mole?) Maybe make the hand on the left pop out into the silhouette a bit more to give more dimensionality. Maybe heavier linework under the upper snout and hands. Maybe some slight indication of a background toward the bottom like he's popping out of a hole and you see some dirt piled up around him or something. A couple of lines on the glasses to indicate reflectivity?

    Just some ideas- think of them as brainstorming ideas to take or leave at your pleasure!

  • @TessaW Thank you Tessa. Great tips and ideas. I will definitely take them into consideration in my next rendering. Thank you.

  • @erinrew the perspectives not quite right. We can see too much of the far leg, its too far forward, and the far eye would be smaller, at the minute its the same size as the near eye.the arms could use a little more volume too. The piece as a whole would benefit from a clear value scheme, definate ares of light and shadow.

  • Love the glasses! Nicely rendered as well. I think I would put some more effort in the anatomy of the arms. The way the head sits on the body works really well. Try to approach the arms in a similar way, give them some volume, perhaps distinct shoulders and/or elbows, and really 'drape' them on the body... Just my two cents. :-]

  • @gavpartridge and @PieterVanDerBeek Thank you for the tips. I will definitely work on the values more. But as for the arms, moles don’t really have much of an arm. It’s like their hands pop out of their sides, but I can definitely spend more time rendering his hands. Thanks again.

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