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    Eh heh, I had forgot to upload the image, oops.

  • Here is a composition I created for a future painting. Before I drew it I wanted to see if there was any discrepancies you can find. It's a technique I learned in art school. It is quick and I can play with positioning before I spend time in the drawing. Yes I know the body out of proportion with the head... It is planned. I am basically looking for input on the pose and the little painting on the left- in or out. I think the girl and statue are the big, the larger painting is the medium and the small picture on the left could be the small.

    Input please.

  • @Chris-Perry I think that since the ballerina is the main subject she should be the only big. I would try to move the statue more into the background. Bring the ballerina more in the foreground. I find the big picture distracting so I would make it smaller and tone down the gold. Composition is not my strength so wait and get other opinions. Hope I helped in some way. Good luck!

  • I like this method of composing but I see a couple problems...

    I think the depth in the scene is squished down to a couple inches because of 1) where it's cropped, 2) the same size of the 2 subjects and 3)the largeness of the paintings behind them. Also, with cutting off hands or feet I think you're leaving out an opportunity to show off grace (or lack of) in the ballerinas. Dancers need hands and feet.

    You could move the camera "back" or change the angle altogether. I scribbled some thumbnails for examples of what I mean. In the top example you could push the statue back into the distance and have it posing similarly to the girl dancing in the foreground.

    Good luck with it. Getting it all composed how you want is always the hardest part!


  • Thank you for your input. Didn't think about the gold. Good idea about the ballerina too.

  • Thank you for the suggestions. Having the grace of the ballerina as the focal point makes a lot of sense.

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