May: Adrift at Sea

  • About midway through working on this painting!! I don't know that I will finish it in time for the contest, but I am enjoying it and will push through regardless. 🙂

    I started off in the blue color scheme, but it felt too bright for some reason.... and then I tried to paint the water annnnd struggled haha so I opted for sand which actually progressed the illustration more (in my opinion).

    Now all the houses are house boats, stuck, useless, alone. I dunno, I guess the drawing became sadder, but I think I am actually liking the story of it even more.


    What are some things I can push and pull as I work through this. Clouds are coming which will bring some interest into the sky.

    A lot of things are sort of blending together right now so I'm figuring I'll have to push and pull the values more.



  • @EliaMurrayArt that close up island with the bird is perfection! The fisherman is wonderful.

    It feels like the water should be creeping into the frame behind him, although I do like the feeling that the water has retreated back.

    It's beautiful. 🙂

  • @carolinebautista Thank you!! I was considering having some water in the right bottom corner - so I'll explore that with your suggestion and see how it feels within the frame!


  • I love this - so quirky and cool. It looks like a dry lakebed, there used to be water here, so there this tone of loss and environmental issues I like. I like that he has fishing pole but there is no water.

  • @Mairin-Kareli thank you! That is exactly what I am going for.

    I imagine the poor fisherman had to trek a long way to get those fish.

    A little more progress. I want it to feel hot.


  • One more before going to bed! I’m enjoying how this is turning out. It might be too dark..... but

    I think I’ll wrap it up tomorrow 🙂


  • This is so wonderful! I love how you've morphed the story from your initial thumbnail and I agree, this is much more interesting! Great design on all the houses!
    There are a few things that are seemingly contradictory to me. (You've created such a beautiful piece already so please feel free to ignore if you don't feel the same)

    1. I'm just wondering if it feels "hot" with a dark blue sky. It looked more cohesive with the warmer purple sky.
    2. The right half of the illustration seems more dynamic because of the fisherman's slanting pose (looks like he's walking against wind), flying beard, and slanting clouds. The left half looks very still mainly because the hanging ladder, anchor are not in motion.
      Lovely piece none the less! I really love the character design and detailing! 🙂

  • @Neha-Rawat you are so right!!! Ugh I totally forgot about the wind and the ladder!!

    I'll play with the sky color to see if I can bring it back to a warmer night feel.

    Thank you!! Much appreciated

  • Super cool concept and wonderful image! I love this idea. I really like the look of your fisherman too. Good luck with your entry!

  • @Bricz-Art thanks!!

  • @EliaMurrayArt This is SO good! I feel like the sand adds so much to the story. Happy accidents! Can I ask how you got that wonderful texture in the sky?

  • @baileymvidler that is a watercolor brush in procreate. My favorite to use because it functions much like actual watercolor. It’s from the Max pack by Max Ulichney.

    But you can also use photo/scan of watercolor paper and set it to overlay or multiply for a similar effect.

  • @Neha-Rawat once I moved the ladder it totally felt more alive!! It also made me want to add tumbleweeds. Thank you for unlocking a little brain block for me!

    Here’s a little more progress this morning.


    Alternate sky? BDD080B0-47F5-4EE4-8632-7F24C93D4284.jpeg

  • I think my values need to be pushed.... here’s a darker sky. I’m not sure... I think it’s getting muddy...


  • Oh yeah! The flying ladder definitely brings it to life! Awesome! I think I'd make the fishing line flying taut as well since his beard conveys pretty strong winds (and maybe the anchor just a little at an angle in the background).

    I personally like the purple sky tint. Love the tumbleweed detail! 😃

  • @Neha-Rawat so far you haven’t steered me wrong! I forgot about the anchor haha I’ll adjust!

  • @EliaMurrayArt I love the darker sky! It really makes your house pop. It’s so atmospheric and beautiful.

  • @sarahlash thank you!! I'll see if I can drift it more purple as @Neha-Rawat suggests and make a happy balance.

  • Hi @EliaMurrayArt, I used the same brushes for my May piece! I love your piece and agree with @Neha-Rawat comments on the wind. Maybe you can add some wind, flying sand, and few other things flying?

  • Oh. Gorgeous. I'm jealous once more LoL! Really hits the isolation feeling! I agree with the comments from Neha but it's looking super.

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