Isolation (ideas only!)

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    All really good ideas. 8&9 are great choices because they are not so literal about Covid19. #5 is my favorite. I visualize lots of fun stuff with that one! If you don't pick #5 can I have it? LOL

  • I feel like number 7 caught my attention the most and felt like a fresh idea. 3b also feels like it has some good potential.

  • 7 and 9 are my favorite. 7 feels very editorial. 9 would look really good to round out a portfolio. I also think 10 has a lot of potential, especially in the atmosphere and mood department, but it's a harder to read just based off of the thumbnail (I know these are just the first idea sketches).

    Those are my faves, but you've come up with many that have great potential. Good job!

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    Thank you all for your feedback! I think that for the contest I'll go back and do thumbnails for a couple of the finalists. Not sure yet but somewhere in the 7-10 range.

    Haha, @Tamisha! I think 5 could be a character study and I may still do it, but probably not for the contest, so if you want to try it, go ahead! I was trying to think of all the possible moods that isolation could evoke, and sometimes my two months alone have had this, "What goofy kinds things have I always wanted to try if I knew no one would see me?" aspect. That part was kind of fun!

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    @Elena-Marengoni Thank you! Yeah, these past two months in Italy have been rather intense, and since you are in Milan (I think), they must have been even more so! For this reason it's still hard for me to think of "isolation" without relating it in some way to the pandemic. But I can't begin to say what a relief it has been to be able to go out and take a walk recently, even if we still can't see friends yet and both of our regional governments are threatening to keep us in time out for a couple more weeks because we can't seem to behave! 😂

  • @LauraA I am in Milan indeed! It's been crazy over here as well and the socio-economic effects are devastating. I can totally relate to your feelings and to 'isolation' mostly sparking quarantine-related's really hard to get it out of one's head! 🙂

  • Hi @LauraA - I really love the statue and the moon, this is my favourite - I like the poetic nature of it. I also really like the idea of the homeless man in the church.

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    So I went with the "lone wolf" theme. Do you have any favorites or suggestions? Are the theme and story clear enough in each? By tomorrow I will probably have to pick one and start because I'm running late. Thank you!

    And @Rachel-Horne I did try the moon one as well, but it was going to be complicated so I went with this one. Thank you for your reply, though!

    Isolation thumbnails lonve wolf copy.jpg

    These are still very tiny, rough, thumbnails, so they may need some explanation:

    In 1 and 2, the wolf is alone on his back balcony at night and feels lonely because of either the giraffes on a date or the huge rabbit family. (He has his sheep's clothing on the line and the rabbits have a ton of little outfits.)

    3 is similar but in an NYC setting and the wolf is howling at the moon.

    In 4 they are all lone wolves, but I was thinking of adding a rabbit in the bottom right window, which might flip the scenario a bit!

    5 is a variation of 2,

    6 is sort of 4 but with the idea that wolves dine alone because they eat like...wolves

    7 and 8 are what happens when wolves open restaurants in prey neighborhoods (inspired a bit by restaurants in Italy reopening this week under precarious conditions),

    9 is another NYC wolf watching the lights of the theater district below

    10 is wolf arrives in big city,

    11 is the original sketch elaborated (the squirrels walking along the street will have masks)

    12 is a wolf in sheep’s clothing in a bar (but he’s not fooling anyone).

  • @LauraA I like the idea behind 1,2, and 3, but I especially like the composition of 3.

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    @LauraA I really like number 8

  • @LauraA I really think any of these could work, they’re all great - sorry, that probably doesn’t help at all!

  • These are all so fun! #5 gives me the most sense of "isolation" and I think #1 and #2 could also work if the wolf's pose was maybe more sad (or glad?) that he's alone. Maybe by separating the wolf a little more from what's happening below him, you could emphasize the separateness/isolation more. Love seeing your process! It looks really great so far!

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    Thank you so much for your feedback, everybody! I really like most of them as ideas, though I have to admit that 12 doesn't really say isolation to me and 7 and 9 have some silhouette problems. Right now I'm drawing out 4, with 5 and 11 in my back pocket if I don't like how it comes out. Sometimes you just have to draw something out before knowing if it's going to work!

    One thing that I learned through this process is that although "solitude" (time alone to concentrate) can be positive, "isolation" (lack of connection) has a negative connotation for me. Spending the last two months without seeing another face up close just hammered that in even more. So the "lone wolf" for me is really a character who is discovering his need for others, hopefully with a bit of humor. And 4 is the darkest of the thumbnails, so I really hope I can get the humor across in that one!

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