January 3rd Thursday Q&A

  • "Stanley ran outside as fast as he could to see what made that horrendous noise."

    1. Who is Stanley?
    2. What does he look like?
    3. How old, tall, is he?
    4. What race is Stanley?
    5. Why did Stanley have to run fast?
    6. Where is Stanley when he hears the noise? Work? Home?
    7. Is Stanley the only person who heard the noise?
    8. If the noise is horrendous, is that the opposite of anything beautiful, so is the noise disturbing? Is the noise frightening? Is the noise alarming?
    9. What time of day does Stanley hear the noise?
    10. Whatever made the noise is it large or small, from one something or more than one?
      Does anyone else have questions to add?

  • @Bobby-Aquitania be creative!!;)

  • @Bobby-Aquitania No, thanks I will just use yours! Haha!!

  • Remember Jake said he'd take Children's Book Illustrations OR Comic Book Pages on this... I think he meant a single page with multiple panels, not several pages as a single submit.

    But he said he kept it wide open so that it could happen in a neighborhood, a suburban neighborhood, or have a Sci Fi bend, or Fantasy.

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