Hospital Rover - First Cut - Feedback appreciate it!

  • Hey! This is the first cut for the #HospitalRover illustration. I know, the line work sucks, but with practice I´ll gonna do it better and get improvement. So, this is the first cut and should stop here and not do more details, isn´t?.

  • SVS OG

    Hey, really nice work on this! Love the big chunky design, definitely looks like a vehicle that could support a moving hospital. There are a couple of things that I think could improve the design:

    -Symmetry - there's a lot of centered, symmetrical elements on this (the front, the angled protrusion on the side has equal sides, the centered cockpit and building section). I think it could look more interesting by offsetting some features or breaking things into thirds. For example, what if the grill was at the top/lower third of the front, or if the cockpit was off to one side?
    -Human Scale Elements - Having the humans in here for reference works, but adding some human scale elements to the vehicle will emphasize it's gigantic scale! I work as an art director in the video game industry, so this is something we come up against quite often. Using things like railing, stairs, ladders, handles, windows or recognizable tools like a fire extinguisher or shovel will immediately tell the viewer how big this unknown object is in relation to a known object, even if there is no human shown in the image.

    Here's a great reference, which I'm sure you've seen before:
    alt text

  • Hi Nat. THANK YOU very much for your inputs!, Yes, indeed I have this pic in my references hahaha! So funny!....Yes, I understand the topic scales, also worried about my line work. But I understand line works couldn´t be so polished in this kind of artworks, I don´t know if I am wrong. I tried to use different weights in the line work. Indeed this is my first vehicle design, and I know practice will help me to get improvement. Very appreciated it your comments and suggestions, are gold for me, a naive new artist. Gracias!

  • @Alvaro-Morales to go along with @natiwata and what he was saying about human-scale elements. You may want to change the large window above the cab to more human-sized windows. That through the scale off for me when I first looked at it.

  • Hi #prairiefox ...So that means to use more small windows instead a big window? Sounds interesting, let me try...Thanks for the feedback, mate!

  • @Alvaro-Morales yeah, I think the huge window makes it feel smaller. If it was a bank of windows we could tell it was really big! Good luck.

  • @Alvaro-Morales Hi, I really like the design, got a cool feeling of a post-nuclear fallout vibe to it. We might need one of these if corona goes on much longer! I do think there is an issue with the perspective of the front wheel furthest away from us, i've tried to illustrate what I mean, its easier than explaining it. At the moment, where you've drawn it, the axle wouldn't be long enough, the wheel would come into the engine compartment. At least that's how I see it, could be wrong, i'm no expert.1588122552425-hospital-rover_first-cut.jpg

  • @gavpartridge Hi Gav, thanks for the feedback, mate!, Yeah, That tire in the back looks almost the same that the front one, you are absolutely right, mate. This is the first cut, and I´m going to improve it with all the fabulous inputs my artwork gets. And yes, That´s the idea I had when I designed this concept, thinking about a pandemic outbreak. We´ll need these kind of vehicles in the future, mobile hospitals. Thanks again mate!

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