Horsebot updated concept thumbnail possibilities, please let me know what might work better?

  • @Coley Lol, no bother, It looks like an awesome thing to be able to do! Anyone that's ever had a horse seems to talk the same way. Time and money, things I've never had enough of. And balls, obviously! 😉 One day hey, never say never!

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    Another idea. Bad horsebot eating Lisa’s mom’s flowers.

    I think I’m REALLY struggling this month with a good idea😭

  • @Coley I love your horse bot! Don’t give up.

    What if you had the horse stick his head in through an open window to eat the flowers from a table?

  • @sarahlash oooh that’s a good idea too. I might play with that idea 😊Thanks!

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    Another bigger sort of detailed thumb on Lisa being unimpressed that her horsebot started eating up the flowers she was planting. Feel like I’m getting closer to a better idea.

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    @Coley if you put a saddle on the horse and really scuffed up the girl like she just got thrown so he could eat that flower, this would be hilarious. Or maybe put her on the ground. 🙂

  • @burvantill ooooh that's a good idea to test out! Thanks!

  • 0D179041-6D5E-475A-A5B9-4F31CDD24185.jpeg 944F0BE1-4A62-4F8C-8675-3EED9D14FFA5.jpeg C264170F-43E4-40B6-AD61-0BE3B09D9D6D.jpeg

    Current ideas if anyone has feedback on what reads better and more simply? Or can you tell what’s going on in the sketches? And does it match the prompt?

    Losing my mind on this month’s prompt lol. Lots of time in so far but I think it mightbe starting to pay .learn!

  • Wow on the horse design! This would make a fun series of images. On this latest batch, what about a combo of 1 and 2? Same setting as 1, but with the girl on the ground like in 2. Same position, but maybe she's looking back a bit more at the horse? Just an idea. You've really managed to capture the mood of each character in these sketches!

  • @TessaW thanks so much. I’ll test out that idea tomorrow! I was thinking one problem with the girl on the ground was that she was looking out of the illustration so you may have solved that for me by suggesting having her turn her head back. My brain had not thought of that! Lol. If I go with that concept I might have the horse leaning more into a skid with hoof skid marks just so it looks like a sudden stop. Thanks again. I’m really appreciating the feedback.

  • Skid marks would be great, 👍

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    @Coley MIDDLE! MIDDLE! Lol. um, I vote for the middle one. 😬

  • @burvantill lol, thanks!

    It was good to get all the feedback I’ve gotten. It’s really pushed me to keep exploring ideas. Getting closer again I least I am feeling excited about this now. 😃 I’m excited with the connection between the characters now! still rough sketch idea phase .....still looking for crits and thoughts 💭

    Right now I think I might make horse bot a little bit more pony proportions versus horse proportions ie I made him smaller but I might thicken up his legs etc to look more like a naughty little Shetland pony bot vs thoroughbred lol.


  • Values thrown in to see about first quick read/silhouette E6241D6E-0DC6-4C0E-97F9-1B1E988D3777.jpeg

  • @Coley Wow! Your dedication to exploring so many concepts is inspiring! Really great stuff! I LOVE the horsebot!

    For the latest sketch, how about making it a during-the-moment action scene? So the horse and girl have been galloping and the horsebot suddenly puts on his breaks and the girl is flung over. The horse gesture would be slanting back and the girl would be midair angled forward with her feet locked in and screaming.

    You've come such a long way from your initial sketch. This is so great! 😃

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    @Coley LOVE THIS!!!! 👍

  • @Neha-Rawat thanks so much. I'm going to test drive that idea a little today. I started to wonder recently that with my style often being a little realistic, it might look a bit too scary? For example my last month's contest piece with the little boy flying through the air, I wondered after if maybe because it was on the realistic side that he looked too vulnerable? I could be wrong. Just trying to be mindful! It made semi finals but Will and Jake didn't say what the problem was with it so I'm left guessing Ha ha. This month I might try out a more linework style, we'll see!!!!

  • What if the horse gets into the sugar and gets hyper? He could still eat the flowers and throw the girl off.

  • @deborah-Haagenson fun idea! Will let that percolate at the back of my brain until I start drawing later today. Thanks 🙂

  • I'm also trying to figure out if the horse bot should be built from stuff that Lisa found around the house , eg right now it's bum is a metal colander from the kitchen. Or if it should be more polished and from a robot kit. Any thoughts on that appreciated.

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