Horse bot wip

  • Playing around with thumbs for a horse bot that is a little girl’s dream come true....till it steals her Apple.

    Playing around with comp and some value studies. If anyone has any thoughts on comp choices please let me know. Thanks 🙏


  • I chose one background I liked. And then playing with a sort of circular composition , started a Color study but didn’t finish yet.....
    and also played with the action between the characters a bit more. The horsebot has stolen the Apple that the little girl was going to eat. She’s unimpressed. They’re having a bit of a tussle and she’s trying to save it from horsebot eating it. Wondering if it reads that way to people?


  • Love your horse bot, we can see it is a cheeky one!
    But I wonder if I would have guessed what the image is about without reading your concept beforehand (the stolen apple). But I can see that they're fighting about the apple.

  • Thanks @marine 😊

    I did one Color study today. Will work on a few more in coming days.


  • @Coley I've been thinking about what @marine said, and I agree with the assessment: it's a cute and ornery horse bot...and the composition is playful and fun. But I would not have known that the horsebot was stealing the apple from the girl without some situating text. I might have assumed the girl was stealing the apple from the horsebot!

    My reason for that being: it looks like the girl is quite short, even when standing, compared to the apples in the tree! The horsebot looks like it could probably pluck the apple from the branches, since its head would be tall enough to reach if it stood at full height.

    So...without the benefit of text, maybe, if there were a basket of apples at the girl's feet, we'd get the impression that she was collecting them? Just a thought! 🤔

  • @Tracy-McCusker ok thanks, lots to consider. Great to know how people are seeing it. I appreciate your input 😊

  • SVS OG

    I like number 5, if You go back to a different composition. Maybe the girl’s gesture needs to show her frustration?

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