Help, just arrived... and the site doesn't work (let's say maybe it's me)

  • Hi,

    Ok, so I got a subscription (30 days trial but I gave my credit card number), I'm finally ready to start "How to draw everything". But, no, appart from the omelete video (which is in preview), I can't see the next ones "The 3 elements", ...

    So annoying guys ! What's the thing I didn't get ?

    Clue : at the top of the course I have this, but I did subscribe !


  • @Jean-Luc Hi, Jean Luc. Same thing happened to me when I first signed up. I ended up contacting SVS support through the website. Somehow my email wasn't found in the SVS system, but Mia helped me out promptly. Give them a shout. I'm sure they'll get you sorted out ASAP.


  • Yes, Mia didn't tell me what she did exactly but it works now 🙂

  • That's coz she knows people who know people... 😉

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