Self-taught artist asking for feedback and guidance? (Portfolio attached)

  • I am a self-taught artist, painting by hand since 4-5 years. I have done acrylic paintings and watercolor illustrations and am trying to learn to work digitally. I am not sure where my work fits in and what is the road ahead. Really need your honest review on my work and if possible, a few tips and tricks to work professionally. Cheers! Website link -

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    @Garima hi! Your work has potential. What’s your goal for your portfolio? To get jobs? To sell your work?

  • Hey Nyrryl! Thanks for going through my work. I guess primarily I want to broaden my reach, bring polish in my work, and see whether it can fit in a specific field, for example Illustration, Animation (Character design), art direction. Basically something more concrete, through which I can hopefully make a profession out of it. (Freelance/job)

  • @Garima hi, i looked at your instagram, your colours and style are lovely, very distinctive, so i wouldnt change that, the traditional feel helps you stand out in a largely digital field, but for me the anatomy of your characters is the weakest aspect of your work. In your style you can get away with it a bit, but i definately feel that more anatomical study/proportions etc would benefit your work.

  • @gavpartridge Thanks a lot for having a look at my work, and thanks for pointing out this important detail. That's something I have been told by some other artists I've shown my work too. I have been practicing on and off on the anatomy but I guess im just not regular. I went through your website as well. You have some really interesting drawings. Doesn't look like just a hobbyist's work, how have you been practicing?

  • @Garima Thankyou! that's very kind of you to say! My advice is to have a baby, that will kill your social life and leave you every evening to sit on the sofa and sketch! lol. All joking aside, that is how I practice, just have a sketchbook on the sofa or nearby and draw from reference on my phone, or little cartoons, anything. In terms of anatomy, PROKO is great, I sat through hours of his premium course, but it is really slow progress and will take a year of your life at least. Get a 3D App on your phone, magic poser is ok, this will help with proportions. Find a photo online of the pose you want, trace the outline, colour it in! Much quicker!

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