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  • We will record our next podcast soon and want to read your comments on the Podcast. Please let us know if you do NOT wish to have your name read with your comment. Brief comments will probably have more chance of making it to the show.

    Question: In your perfect world - what would you be doing/working on with your art skills?

    In other words, in your dream world would you be illustrating other author's books, writing and illustrating your own? Would you be painting murals or graphic novels? Would you sell your art in galleries? What level of fame would you have? Would celebrities collect your art? Would you be illustrating movie posters? Would you direct your own animated films like Tim Burton? How much money would you earn each year?

    Thank you in advance for participating - we want to talk about artist dreams in the podcast!

  • SVS OG

    Great idea for an episode Will!

    I'm really curious to know what everyone's career dreams are on here.

  • @Will-Terry Great question! I'm very new to all this and unlikely to famous any time soon, however, in my ideal world I'd be writing and illustrating my own books as well as illustrating other people's books! Fame and recognition wise - not after much but my dream is to one day see kids being inspired to choose a character I've created and dress up as that character on a World Book Day! That would be a sign that I've "made it". 😁

  • @Will-Terry Hi Will! My biggest dream as an aspiring illustrator is to write and illustrate my own stories about characters designed by me. This would either be a collection of children's books or a short animated series for children. I really just dream of creating my own world that I can share with others too.

  • SVS OG

    I'm an amateur and planning to retire from my real job in a couple of years at which point my dream life is to spend all morning at my art desk drinking coffee and painting, and the afternoons taking long walks through the English country side. I will produce such incredible illustrations during that art time that publishers will beg me to illustrate professionally and I will say, "Thank you for the compliment but I prefer to remain retired," after which I will head back out into the countryside with my walking staff and sketchbook.

    The problem with this dream is that my art skills would have to vastly improve, and I live in New York state not England 🙂 None of that, I am sure, is what you are looking for but since you asked....

  • Writer/illustrator. I hope to create stories and characters that will endure for the long haul. On the low end, I have several stories outlined or written and hope that they will succeed and pay royalties for years, even if those royalties are small. On the high end, two of my ensemble character groups have enough story lines to franchise. My middle school novel has a sequel waiting for an outline. I have a few picture book stories that stand on their own. I may have enough material, if I can produce a high enough quality to sell to a studio someday. I learned to write at Disney, had a feature animation script optioned (by an independent producer) and been read at Blue Sky, Pixar and Bluth Animation. Although I would, possibly, sell to a studio someday, I'm not interested in chasing Hollywood. That's a business that eats its own children and I'm quite happy not being the main course. I joined SVS to learn to be a good illustrator. I'm very happy here. I have income outside of my writing and that gives me a safety net to cover however long it takes for me to get this right. Looking forward to the podcast. Cheers!

  • @Will-Terry I would be a well known author/illustrator with a series of simple concept books with really fun characters that kids and parents love to read.

    Not necessary, but hey if we're dreaming, I'd be happy with the same level of fame as Sandra Boynton, Mo Willems or Oliver Jeffers.

    I'd make enough off of royalties that I wouldn't have to do art, but I would anyway because I love it. ❤

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  • I would like to write and draw my own graphic novels. I want to. Be very well known, because I want to put my mark in this world. I don’t care as much about miney, as long as it’s enough to live on and a bit extra. But I want to write and draw stories

  • @Will-Terry oops forgot to tag you, Hi will I would like to write and draw my own graphic novels. I want to. Be very well known, because I want to put my mark in this world. I don’t care as much about miney, as long as it’s enough to live on and a bit extra. But I want to write and draw stories that will be timeless classics

  • It would be great to create meaningful books that kids remember even when they're grown up. The dream would be to promote an illustration career without promoting myself. Maybe it's just me, but it seems exhausting and feels inauthentic to attach something as deep as a creation from your heart with a name and a face.

  • In my perfect world, I'd be writing and illustrating my own books. I'd be making enough off of my art to live comfortably, be able to hire my own assistant to manage social media for me, and be able to pay a CPA to file my taxes quarterly. I don't care about being super famous, I just want to be able to work from home/a studio and make enough to support myself and my family, if I had one. I guess the dollar amount of that dream income would vary depending on whether I lived in California or Oklahoma...but maybe an average of 80k a year.

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    In my perfect world, I would be making money from the art that I love to create to help support my family. My marketing skills would be so overwhelmingly awesome that I would make bank and my husband could retire early and live out his dream, which I believe involves a drive in movie theatre and a mini golf park. It might sound shallow to say I want money, but I'm a realist. Money may not buy happiness, but it sure makes things easier. =)x

  • In a perfect world, I'd be an author and an illustrator working with people I really admire that create meaningful work - editors, art directors, writers, illustrators, all kinds of artists. It's more about working with people and collaborations for me. In a perfect world, I would have understood that this was what I really wanted when I was a kid and sought it out right away.

  • In my perfect world I would mostly be working on illustrating my own stories. My picture books would be in stores worldwide and parents would read them to their children and have a cozy nighttime routine together, enjoying my books. I would not have to alter my style or subject to fit any commercial idea but create from my own inspiration. I would make a comfortable living (support my family) doing this, but fame and fortune would not be as important as creative fulfillment.

    Ps: I would never have to make a pet portrait commission again 😬.

  • Great podcast idea! I would love to make enough money from my work to live on. I'm quite curious and enjoy learning new things all the time so I'd probably love to work on books, written by others and myself, illustrating for magazines, painting shop windows, making puppets, doing stop-animation. Initially I'd be just happy to get paid for doing what I love most which is making art ❤


  • Hello! I would like to write and illustrate nonfiction or historical fiction. My degree is in history and I would love to combine history and illustration. I want to make work that feels like mine and that I feel good about making.

    I’d like to make enough to make a good supplementary income, but I would still want the flexibility to be home with my kids.

  • @Will-Terry In my dream world, I think I would like to write and illustrate my own novels and graphic novels, but would certainly not turn away paying jobs for quality authors. I would make enough money to be able to stay retired from my teaching job but maintain the same level of lifestyle we currently enjoy. It would be wonderful to make enough for my wife to retire, too. I am not really interested in fame but only in producing such quality work that people in droves want to buy my books and collect my work.

  • My dream is to write and illustrate picture books, board books, and books for early readers. My husband runs his own business, and I'm the primary caretaker and part-time homeschool teacher of my young children, so this is a goal I'm trying to take small but steady steps toward as my kids grow. I'd like to make enough to help my kids pay for college or help them launch into their careers, and be able to put some toward retirement. The older I get, the less interested I am in fame, to be honest. When I think about "fame," the dream seems unattainable. To me, the marker of success would be that I make a story that is true to what I've been called to communicate, and that a child connects with it. That seems like an attainable dream.

  • @demotlj I love it!

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