Looking for photoshop brushes that are similar to procreate "Artist crayon" and "6b pencil" brushes.

  • @Coley thank you. yes. I am aware of Lee's class. I was hoping for a shortcut😁 (Like if someone has gone through the trouble of making the customized brushes that are more or less the same as the ones I am looking for.) If no one has doen that, I will pick up Lee's class again, and give a try myself.

  • @xin-li yes shortcuts are good! 😁 Lee's class is definitely not a shortcut LoL!!!

  • @Coley on the other hand, the knowledge really comes handy.

  • @xin-li very true! It helps more over time.

  • I have the same thoughts! Still, while a few of Kyle's brushes work to an extent, none of them quite capture the "6B Pencil" feel in Procreate. I actually took it upon myself to re-create the 6B brush for Photoshop! Here's a link to my brush set on Gumroad:


    These brushes are now my go-to sketching tools in photoshop, and I just wanna share them with anyone else who might want them!

  • I don't work in procreate, so don't know exactly what those brushes look like or how they work, but, when I read 6b, I thought of a brush I have:
    Screenshot 2021-05-21 at 08.47.38.png
    The collection in which it comes is called Frenden Pencils & Inks (don't have the link, I bought these so many years ago).

    Mitch Leeuwe also released a brushes pack recently with brushes that really look like pencil. I didn't buy it yet, but you can check, and he has a video on instagram showing the brushes I think. https://gumroad.com/mitchleeuwe

    The artist crayon I really have no idea what it looks like, but grut brushes has tons of artistic brushes, so you can try and check the website https://www.grutbrushes.com/
    I have a lot of their brushes and really like them.

    Hope something of this helps. 🙂

  • Thanks for that link. I'll check that out. I'm constantly on the hunt for brushes that work and look like procreate lol. The brush engine seems to be so different I don't think you can get them to work the same though 😞

  • @neschof I pretty much use the 6B pencil exclusively 🙂 It’s a great line.

  • @Marcello-Frisina @TaniaGomesArt thanks for the links. I will check them out.
    @jdubz I gave up hunting for brushes to match up procreate and Photoshop. Right now, I just use the 2 programs in different ways. I ended up sketching (thumbnails and roughs) on iPad, and paint in Photoshop. It is not so much about the brushes for me, but more the setup. I never get used to do everything in procreate when comes to do the entire book.

    @danielerossi it is pretty much the only brushes I use as well. Although for some reasons, I installed like hundreds of brushes on my procreate. LOL.

  • @xin-li At least you installed them. I downloaded some brushes a few months ago and only now remembered them. I didn’t get around to installing them!

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