Digital Line Quality

  • I have worked in Procreate, Photoshop and now I am using Affinity Photo and Design. I struggle to get good line quality in my line drawings as I see in so many and equivalent to what I get with analog tools. My lines seem shakier or wobblier and less confident. They just don't look up to the quality I see in many projects here. Any suggestions or is this something that takes time and practice. I was thinking of those drills where you connect dots or other things...would that be helpful to adjust to the tools and input devices?


  • @Sue-Knause try the inking 2.0 class. We did it last September in preparation for Inktober and it really helped. There exercises in it help.

  • @Sue-Knause in procreate if you click on the brush again it’ll take you to its settings and you can up streamline and it’ll smooth out you’re lines.

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