Our SVS Virtual Studio APRIL 2020🐰

  • More progress from the prop design class. Also, this is a lot of work. Far more than I would have thought. And curved lines are hard. I did discover the use of the ellipse creator. My inking is woeful but I could not keep a steady hand.
    Oh well. I still like the design.
    table and desklamp.JPG

    Still have a cup, a reading device, and a chair to go.
    All for a future where a professor of thermodynamics and energy transfer is actually a superhero who converts heat into kinetic energy. Basically he pulls the heat from the environment and uses it to move things with his mind. The energy had to come from somewhere, right? Also, that gives him the ability to both freeze things and stop fires and explosions. My backstory is that he got his powers and then studied hard to understand them becoming a world-renowned physicist in the process.

  • Just swinging by to say that I’m entirely flabbersmacked (or is that gobsmitten?) by the amount of skill and imagination to be found at SVS in general and this thread in particular. Love seeing all you guys and gals incredible work! (When I grow up I wanna be just like yous!)

    Happy Saturday, everyone!


  • @Jeremy-Ross Thanks! I'll be honest the colors I'm not totally happy with and I don't know why. Maybe I went too far into the warm tones or something? I feel like when I paint in Photoshop it turns out more garish than when I work in Procreate and I'm trying to figure out why.

  • Last night I pulled in my sketch/linework to that same image above and repainted it in Procreate real quick - it's a lot more rough, but immediately I feel as though I like how the colors came out in Procreate versus the PS version.

    Looking at these two I think I'm over-saturating the tones in PS, and by the time I'm in it I can't tell the difference. The backgrounds are pretty similar color-wise but the character is WAY more saturated when I see them side-by-side.


  • Thank you very much @chrisaakins! 9 hours of pure meditation! I listened to an endless church choir soundtrack too, which was nice and relaxing.

  • Hi @jdubz, although I like them both, I can certainly see what you’re saying. The Procreate piece feels more balanced, whereas the PS version brings my eyes and attention to her hair. I suppose it depends on what your mission is. Either way, beautiful piece!

  • Working on an album cover for a client who raps about peace, politics, the environment and also plays the fiddle. πŸ˜ƒ 42b031dd-60ab-4185-93ef-d59c049fc3d8-image.png

  • Spending the day watching canceledcon and doodling. Another personal project inspired by one of the cats sneezing in my face.


  • Posted in another thread but worked on my first angel and then did another one. Gonna do more I think. AT least I'm doing more illustrations with a theme of hope to help get me through current times.



  • @SunnySommerset


    I deleted the background foliage and started over. I really concentrated on a lot of illustrations I've seen. I did a highlight color layer and a shading layer. Looked at it for a while and thought it needed more white - so I did a "white pop" layer behind the mouse, both birds and some of the central area. It looks okay on the screen but when I print it - it looks muddy - and that is mainly the foliage. The characters blend into the background. I did this on Procreate and I really made sure not to have high saturated color. I have another drawing I did of a cat and I like how it prints. It's got the right amount of contrast. Any tips on getting a better handle of on this?


  • @jdubz I'm going through this as well.
    I like your Procreate version. It's loose and more painterly. The colors look good - I don't think they are over saturated. Have you printed it? Curious as to what you think.

    How are you picking your colors on Procreate? After watching Will Terry's live coloring sessions ( only 2 of 3 though) I started my new project differently. I really made sure not to have saturated colors -- I'm using the Value Control on the color generation. What are you using?
    I should probably watch a tutorial on creating colors in Procreate. (!) lol.

    I am using my iPad Pro and Procreate by default because - I cannot do long periods of time on a desktop - with photoshop. πŸ™‚ I'm committed to figuring out the iPad-Procreate combo.

  • Monochrome Month Prompt for today was Giant in the Garden. Reminded me of some of @Braden-Hallett work. So I went with some Megafauna and thought about some of the lessons/tips from his live stream! Another big thank you, Braden!

    If you didn’t get a chance to see it live I recommend watching it when he posts it πŸ˜ƒ


  • CC125E93-10DF-494A-9781-739B12AFCB3F.jpeg

    Practicing another character

  • Big ol' dirt hill for the rabbit warren, an area off camera for the mouse nests, and of course a nice hotspring cavern for the capybara.


  • @EliaMurrayArt said in Our SVS Virtual Studio APRIL 2020🐰:

    Monochrome Month Prompt for today was Giant in the Garden. Reminded me of some of @Braden-Hallett work. So I went with some Megafauna and thought about some of the lessons/tips from his live stream! Another big thank you, Braden!

    Aaaaaaah look at those shepp!

    Awesome πŸ˜ƒ And you're most welcome!

  • @SunnySommerset So far I've kind of been flying by the seat of my pants in color creation. I think only in the past several weeks have I been forcing myself to set up a color palette thumbnail based on colors that work together.

    I'm pretty new to color in general also, so for me I've just been trying to practice every chance I get to build some of those muscle memory decisions.

    The biggest change I've made since I really started working with color last year was that I purposely worked in mostly desaturated tones (like nothing over 30%) unless it was the focal point. I think that's done the most to help me than anything else. The challenge for me right now is that the results appear inconsistent between Procreate and Photoshop. I THINK I'm going it in PS, but the results are saying that I'm not doing that great at it, so I'm working specifically to try and change that behavior in PS.

  • Finished illustration for very start of book.

    Lulu & Beans 4

  • Okeedokee, Thumper. Back to the pen.


  • SVS OG

    I’m finally close to finishing my alphabet flash card project! Only two left to take from sketch to finals (I worked them out of order) Thankfully my daughter likes seeing the images.


  • SVS OG

    @Braden-Hallett looking great

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