Featured Student for April

  • SVS Team

    Thank you again for all of the amazing work that you keep sharing. PLEASE consider posting again if you were not chosen for a previous month (even if it is the same image as before). If you have any thoughts or suggestions about this opportunity please feel free to share them as a comment or to send me a message!

    This post is a place to share work if you want to get a chance to be featured in the Student Art Gallery on the SVSLearn.com homepage for April. To be considered, share 1-2 of your best pieces (you can re-share an image you posted previously, but this is also a great opportunity to push yourself and add a new piece to your portfolio) on this forum post. Make sure to share your image by the last day of March to be considered. Also, make sure your images are at least 800 pixels on the shortest side and do not exceed 1mb in size. If your illustration includes text on it please post a copy with and without the text on it.
    Work will be selected based off of how well the work uses the following:

    Concept: how well does your illustration convey a clear concept/story. Is it a unique approach? Does it make me want to know more about what is happening in the illustration?

    Technique: How is the composition working? Does it have good use of lighting, rendering, mark making, etc.? Does the technique compliment the concept?

    If you are selected, we will be emailing you using the email indicated on your forum account. Besides your art being displayed on the homepage, you will also be sent some questions for a Q&A blog post that will be shared on the SVSLearn blog.

    Hope you are all staying safe!

  • I'm very proud of my vehicle designs.
    IMG_1819.JPG IMG_1811.JPG

  • I think this is my best one 😊


  • Few pieces I’m proud of.


  • I guess I can try again. Not sure I have the kind of art you are looking for. I think the art being selected each month features mostly pictures of kids but here goes nothing...
    Shake Rattle and Roll.jpg Mindless colored.jpg

  • 😊 March on fellow artists!



  • alt text

    This week has been a great big jump in artistic growth from inspiration for me and my extra time. 4 people and 3 ideas spark such great growth. .
    This journey began on @irezumicollective page where he posted to pick the brains of his followers about artist credit and copying. I remembered idea one. The idea comes in the form of a challenge I heard from @jakeparker ... On his podcast he did the activity of imagining his artistry 10 years from now in the context of fan art. I was inspired to not only build my archive of personal art but to build my skill set. .
    I usually draw late at night with YouTube playing without guidance. YouTube crossed a video of @peterhanstyle at a convention. His hammer equipped dwarf was highly impressive for his 30 or so minutes. What was inspirational was the wisdom he painted with his words. .
    The second idea comes from his critic of his own piece where he explains he could draw his piece better. Every attempt afterwards will always improve. This reiterated an art mantra I learned, which is to simply “enjoy the process.” Mr. Han later on delivers the final inspiring idea … draw with intention. .
    In my post you will see 10 pictures of no references just creating. I started with the activity of “how would my dragon look after being moved from irezumi’s post?” I teamed this up with the challenge to not look at anything. Don’t reference just create. If you don't like something, redo it. Bend it until it is … well...it is, you know? .
    I started with a very fun and fast quick sketch with inks like what I saw from Peter Han. The next day I said let’s see how this improves. Where is this going to take me?
    So I sent it to the iPad and began constructing. I choose to enjoy the ride as some would say by taking my time. I chunked. "Let's start with the eyes - head - hands etc... .
    The 4th person that I have not mentioned is actually the first which is God, my master/mentor. I am thankful that I am able to partake in the enjoyment of being a creator.
    Hope you enjoy! .

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    Dino -laura mcmillan.jpg