Drawing with Digital Pencils - Classwork

  • Much better!

  • I think the new muzzle looks better! You should proabably to do the same thing to the teeth though. I drew an example for you to see below. I try to think of how these shapes would look if they were in a rectangle in perspective.

    Also, for the eye it didn't quite look like it was looking all the way over at the carrot. So I tried pushing it over more to the side.

    I think the pencil work is super convincing and I love the subtle use of color on the carrot. I think that technique looks very sophisticated. Great work!


  • @carlianne Thanks a million for the wonderful suggestion (The devil's in the details—or rather, in the perspective!). I immediately broke out the old dental kit (from the time when I wasn't quite sure whether I wanted to be a drummer, an illustrator, or a dentist!!), and went to work right away. The drill needed a little oiling, but once that was taken care of, it took only a moment. No worries...I gave the bunny some Nitrous oxide. Don't think he felt much! And while master hare was out, I also pushed the eye over just a bit. Had to improvise, since that's not something they taught us at the Hooterville Dental Academy.

    Here's my handiwork...


  • I love it ❤

  • Nitrous oxide! That take, Wild as a March Hare, to new levels. Cheers!

  • @Casual-T Wow, Much better!

  • @carlianne You have talent to explain. Thank you.

  • @Casual-T
    wow its very nice. looks like a great class i just went to check it out. do you know if it only applies to people who use photoshop? i use clip-studio, would it still help me?

  • @Leah-Katz Part of the class is used to explain how to build a custom "pencil" in Photoshop. I would assume there's a similar option in Clip-Studio, although the detailed steps might be different. But I do think the class would still be helpful regardless of which program you use, since @will-terry-art also speaks about much more general ways of making a digital drawing look more traditional. It's well worth it!

  • @Casual-T Really fun drawing. Great adjustments (and commentary) with the muzzle and teeth 🙂 I was thinking that maybe you could make the bunny's shadow follow the texture of the grass. It looks like of like the shadow is floating over or under the grass as it is.
    I'm pretty new to the SVS classes and new to the Forums (I think this is my first entry in a forum ever~), and there are SO MANY great classes on here and so little time (COVID offers me zero time at home, with toddler and newborn) but you've convinced me that this Digital Pencil class is one I MUST take!

  • @johnchoillustra Glad you like the drawing, and thanks much for the suggestion. I see what you're saying about the shadow "floating." There are SO many little details that need to be considered, even in a small, simple drawing such as this. It's fascinating to see how other's view one's work.

    And I 100% agree, that there is an incredible amount of very, very helpful, interesting, and instructive classes, here at SVS. I wish the day had more hours, so I could study and practice more. How about we add another 8 hours to a standard solar day by using massive rocket boosters to alter the Earth's orbit around the sun, and we then designate those added hours as mandatory naptime for toddlers and newborns?! 😉

    Have fun taking @Will-Terry's class. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  • @Kim-Hunter said in Drawing with Digital Pencils - Classwork:

    Nitrous oxide! That takes, Wild as a March Hare, to new levels. Cheers!

    A bit off-topic, but this reminds me of a gig I did last year at a private party (I'm a drummer by trade, albeit currently somewhat underemployed due to parties having been outlawed!). One of the attendees at this particular party was a dentist who had brought a huge canister of Nitrous oxide from his office. So, while the band was laying down some funky jams, party people filled up balloons with N2O, inhaling the gaseous goodies. Suffice it to say, there was plenty of giggling and snickering (any maybe the odd bit of tooth pulling, just for the fun of it), and everybody was just about as high as a kite... One hell of a party!

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