Pentel Pocket Brush + Cartridge Converter

  • Hi everyone, this is just a kind of visual how-to for if you want to use a cartridge converter with a Pentel Pocket Brush. (This could be common knowledge to just about everyone here, too, I dunno. I more or less just joined.)

    I live near a ton of art supply stores but for some reason, not very many carry this pen, which means they don't have the ink cartridges, either. Also, wouldn't it be fun to use different colors from time to time? 🙂

    The cartridge converter I used is a Platinum:
    The ink I use is not India Ink, but Noodler's Black ( It's waterproof on paper, and has a slightly longer dry time than the ink inside the Pentel cartridges, but in my experience, it doesn't feather at all, even on copy paper. And you can buy the stuff by the jar, so over time this setup should be a lot cheaper than the cartridge option.

    Basically you just have to pop off the metal ring at the end. Afterward the converter should fit on the end of your Pocket Brush, but it'll be snug. That's why I used sandpaper to shave off the lip somewhat. To fill the pen, submerge it into your favorite ink bottle so that the two air holes on the sides are below the surface, and twist the converter to draw up the ink.

    Anyway, hope this helps somebody!


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