Need Your Input on an SVS Illustrator Digital Summit

  • I 2nd Dan Santat as suggested by @Nyrryl-Cadiz, and also add: Rebecca Elliott, Noah Jones, Oliver Jeffers, Michael Rex, and Peter Brown. There’s so many amazing illustrators, but those come to mind.

    I vote for Plan A. Maybe you should run a poll?

  • I vote for Plan C.

  • My vote is for Plan A.

    I think from a logistical standpoint, Plan C might really suck if everything doesn't go like clockwork. And I don't like the idea of staying up until 3am to catch someone 🙂 Plus, to my point below, if I'm staying up all night trying to get the most out of it, being someone that works remotely that still wrecks my following day.

    As someone that's working remotely from home, Plan A is the only feasible plan I could even plan on getting much out of and would be really manageable.

  • I vote for plan C. Would there be any way to provide an agenda, so we know when we would like to tune in? This would benefit those listening to the recording too. One illustrator that I would be interested in is Yaoyao Ma Van As.

  • Very exciting. I'm typically in this forum a lot but so stressed lately I've even been forgetting to come here or watch videos. This sounds so wonderful ❤
    I love all ideas put forward. Not sure if you could get any Canadian illustrators, I loooooove Barbara Reid (who isn't on social media too much) and Michael Marchenko ( who isn't on social media at all I think) so they'd be gold. I think Michael Marchenko in particular is my hero and the biggest reason why I fell in love with the idea of illustrating children's books.🙂

  • Plan A would work the best for my schedule, so that gets my vote! As a freelancer, it's easier to carve out a few hours out of a series of days, than lose one whole day to an explosion of creative information.

    The illustrators I'd be thrilled to have on echo a lot of other people's lists here, so let me just take a minute to say how AMAZING it would be to here from:

    Pascal Campion
    Cosimo Galluzzi

  • Love this idea!

    If you can finagle Bill Watterson, that would be so rad 😎

  • Plan A sounds best -I like things laid out over some time. This is my list:

    Emilia Dziubak (children's books)
    Benji Daves (children's books)
    Pascal Campion
    Beatrice Blue
    Andi Korveshi -landscapes drool worthy
    Alex Vede -Storyboard artist and Illustrator


  • I really like the idea. I am not sure if it is possible for me to wathc live since I have a toddler at home, and scheduling 2-4 hour away from her are almost impossible at this moment. But I will definitely watch the recording.

    I am thinking maybe there is a way to send in questions in advance somehow for those who can not make it live. I know it is challenging logistically. I am totally understand if this is not an option.

    In terms of the content, I am also interested in hearing from well known editors such as picturebook editors in Chronicle books and penguin random house, and agents such as Steven Malk talking about the business and culture around picturebooks.

    Looking forward to this 🙂

  • SVS OG

    I vote for any format with any artists any time. I would just like to think about something besides the world falling apart for a while. Thanks for whatever you can provide.

  • Will mentioned one if his prior agents once, I think in a podcast. I'm not ready for an agent yet personally, but I believe she lives near me in Arden Hills, MN. I wrote her name down, but don't have it handy. If she's still working, I would love to hear from her.

  • SVS OG

    Thanks for the feed back everyone. We are going to start moving forward with this, but if you still have ideas or input, please don't hesitate to respond.

    Here's the numbers so far:

    Plan A: 8 votes
    Plan B: 1 vote
    Plan C: 7 votes

    Cool with whatever: 2

    And here's the list of people you want us to talk to:

    Alex Vede
    Andi Korveshi
    Anthony Jones
    Barbara Reid
    Beatrice Blue
    Benji Davies x2
    Bill Watterson
    Brad Guiger
    Brittney Lee
    Cory Godbey
    Cosimo Galluzzi
    Dan Santat x3
    Dave Kellet
    Dylan Meconis
    Emilia Dziubak
    Gerald Keller
    Handsome Frank
    John Bond
    Jon Cockley
    Julie Mellan
    Laura Price
    Mark Janssen
    Matt Dixon
    Michael Marchenko
    Michael Rex
    Noah Jones
    Oliver Jeffers x2
    Pascal Campion x3
    Peter Brown
    Rebecca Elliott
    Ryan T. Higgins
    Sean Bean
    Steven Thompson
    Tommy Parker
    Tony DiTerlizzi x2
    William Joyce
    Zoe Persico

    We are going to see who we can get!


  • hey @Jake-Parker you missed off Matt Saunders (illustrator) on the talk to list. Please can you add him.

  • Hey Jake - You also missed Yaoyao Ma Van As. Thanks!

  • SVS OG

    I vote for the "whatever" plan and speakers Dan Santat and Tom Lichtenheld, please! Thanks! This is an awesome idea!

  • SVS OG

    @Jake-Parker can I ask what the platform is that you guys use for your live meetings? Our church is trying to find a way to “meet” and people are trying to figure out how. The way you guys do it is the best way I’ve seen.

  • SVS OG

    Also, I like plan A or B. I don’t know what our schedule will be like so having more than one day as an option in case we can’t make it. You guys are the best. Thank you for all you guys are doing. The extended free trial was such an awesome idea too. Hopefully some new people will find our community. ☺

  • @Pamela-Fraley, The live meetings are via Zoom

  • Wow! This is so cool! I would love any option if we can also watch recordings!
    I’m not sure if I am too late for suggestions, but...

    I also second Dan Santat (PS his Instagram posts lately have been awesome )
    Mark Jansen
    Oliver Jeffers

    And maybe...
    Rebecca Green
    Julia Sarda
    Kenard Pak
    Chris Sasaki
    Julie Morstad

    ... or maybe some of the Warren people in @Lee-White ‘s studio... I’d love to hear from Kayla Stark or anyone else from there

  • @Annaaronson came here to throw in my two cents and you listed all my favs!! 💕💕

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