March contest bicycle/tricycle jump wip and critiques appreciated as always

  • Just a quick idea: From the three timepoints you could choose for your story - before, present and after everything falls apart - the present one is often the boring one as nothing is happening in the viewers mind.

    How about everything stays the same, the sneaky kid holding a bolt (maybe add a helmet and a bike to him so we can see he is a competitor) but the bike is about to fall apart. Maybe a wheel starts to get loose and the jumping kid is looking at it.

  • Wow, cool scene! I'm glad you went with 1. I don't have a lot to add, but I'm loving the suggestions people are making.

  • @nwaller cool. That’s a good idea to play with too. I tried to spread the bike parts out to make the viewers eye travel but I will play with your idea. I have to redraw the bike anyhow. My 14 year old son says it has to be a bike not a tricycle anyhow lol!

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    I like the sneaky kid. Good suggestion. 👍

  • @TessaW thanks 😊

  • I haven’t worked on this for a few weeks but got back at it. I am adding different ethnicities or trying to anyhow. Just realizing I need another girl so I will turn one of the boys into a girl.

    Evil kid by the ramp needs a total re-do lol. He’s freaking scary looking! And the crouching kid , especially his hands. I’ve not been using much reference for the kids so I just took a photo of my son crouched over that should help me figure out things, especially hands and arms. The girl with overalls is obviously needing finishing, especially face and arms. They’re also needing some adjustment on size relation between them. I have them on separate layers so can resize them and move them around. Im happy with the kid on the bike and pretty happy with the kid with the sign....I think lol 9F94174E-3B26-471B-9332-F3F44B16EB05.jpeg

    The kids are a bit hard to decipher from the trees I think?

    Also are the bike and the flying kid too high do you think?

    Open to any input thank you 😊

  • @Coley This is great! I actually loved the energy from your first thumbnail more. Seeing only the top of the heads of the kids on the ground is a clever way for it to be less distracting and showing the height.
    Maybe you could try a similar crop to your latest version?
    Great work! 🙂

  • @Neha-Rawat ah, yes, I see what you mean. I’ll play around with that and see! Thanks for your input!

  • A little more work. Toying with having the kids lower. And moved the flying kid and bike around too. Not really feeling like I’m hitting the mark but will keep might be a win some, lose some scenario this month 🤣
    I might have the flying kid and bike too big now. They feel less high in the air.


  • @Coley I think this latest composition looks really good. I think you could put a tool in the hand of the mean kid tp make her the even more obvious culprit. I think the action is good. I would make the victim's legs less spread out and more of 120 degree angle rather that a 180 degree one. It's creating a tangent with the handlebar.

  • @chrisaakins yes, I agree. I was getting lazy on fixing it lol. The legs I mean, sigh, ya called me out lol.
    Mean kid will have wrench and a bolt in hand. Mean kid was bradens idea of course! I think he is the master of rotten kids, I think I’m more sweet than evil 😂.

    Thank you 🙏

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