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    @CLCanadyArts i had that problem with the instargram app also. If i wanted to do multiple images I would have to use my phone.

  • @Chip-Valecek that makes me grumpy. I have not upgraded to a surface yet. I just want one device to do everything.

  • @Chip-Valecek I spoke too soon. I woke this morning to the new platform. I saw your post. What was the fix? I may just save all my pix on my one drive and upload them from my mobile. My question is for them: "What's it to ya? Why do you care if I post from my laptop?"

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    @chrisaakins I installed User Agent Switcher from the google store into chrome. Or if you use firefox @CLCanadyArts mentioned the same one for it.

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    @Heather-Boyd I love my surfacebook. I plan on getting the surface studio for my office and then keep the book for when I away from the office.

  • @CLCanadyArts I know this post is old, could you or @Chip-Valecek take a snap shot of their desktop so I can figure out how to post via the user-switch firefox -I switched it but I am still stumped. Now I don't have a surface and an older acer but said it can be turned to tablet/touch function. My ipad is causing me really bad head issues and I need a temporary fix until I upgrade. Thanks,

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    @Heather-Boyd funny you posted to this thread.. My surfacebook started to act up on me. The screen starts to go yellow when it is getting hot. According to microsoft it is a defect in the screen. Work sent me a new Dell Laptop, nothing really fancy but I purchased a Huion 22in pro display to use with the new laptop. Anyway, in chrome if you go to the app store search for User Agent Switcher 1.1.3. Install that and then there will be a little yellow icon next to the address bar. If you go to instagram and then click on that icon and pick android, it changes your browser to look like instagram on your phone.

  • @Chip-Valecek Oh man, I want to pick your brain about that Huion! I am so ridiculously torn right now between upgrading to that or the Wacom 22.

  • @Chip-Valecek said in Instagram Upgrade:

    User Agent Switcher 1.1.3.

    Oh wow I think it worked, you have saved my head from hurting a bit less -now when I move over to a new system whatever that will be it will work.

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    @Chip-Valecek do you think this would work on a Mac running chrome? Because that would be sooo nice. 😃

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    @burvantill as long as you can access the chrome app store it will work.

    @jdubz pick away LOL. So far I am loving it. It feels really good. My only complaint so far is the color calibration, but messing with the settings of the monitor and then tweaking the graphics card settings for that monitor I got it pretty close to my main monitor color.

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    @Chip-Valecek It works!!!! Amazing puter magic!! Lol.
    Thanx for sharing!

  • So after a week or so using the user agent switcher I few concerns:

    I understand I can't post multiple images in one post (annoying), but I can't seem to post a story either - is that right or am I missing something.

    Also yesterday I posted my prep for childhoodweek and my hashtags go to the hashtag but my work doesn't show up (I checked 3-4 of them and looking back up to 2 days -exhausting) and I suspect for my isolation work it only worked for the odd one. Is this just a Instagram internal issue or the user agent switcher issue or something else? And how do I work through it, eps. for the upcoming childhoodweek I don't want not to be seen.

    Thanks guys,

    Editted: I also can't seem to edit my posts via my own computer and through computer via user agent switcher.

  • @Heather-Boyd

    Instagram absolutely does this annoying thing where it “shadow bans” your posts if you use the same hashtag too often. Nobody has seemed to figure out how many times of using the same hashtag is a problem, but people are absolutely being hidden. It’s usually a big problem during things like Inktober and March Meet the Maker, but I’ve seen folks (and had it happen to myself) get shadowbanned by: using their own hashtag because they’re trying to make a way to search posts easier (I’ll get shadowbanned from my #animalnouveautarot on occasion, and that’s only 4-8 posts per month), doing too many community challenges (getting shadowbanned from things like #drawthisinyourstyle), and I’ve personally gotten shadowbanned from things like #kidlitart, #childrensvook, etc when I’m just using hashtags to separate my portfolio stuff from my fanart/community stuff.

    I’m honestly not sure what the solution is, hitting whatever “threshold” there is seems to be a moving target.

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    @korilynneillo I think it could help to @ the account/whomever your art is geared toward. @ publishing houses Etc. I’ve seen that.
    It may be best to have everyone on this forum follow each other too, if it’s followers you’re looking for. Starting with me! follow for a follow? 🙂🤪

  • @korilynneillo @Heather-Boyd I've been shadowbanned before, and I think I’m going through it again. I’ve never posted spam or anything other than honest content, and I only follow others whose work I’m genuinely interested in. I think it’s because of overusing hashtags maybe, or using hashtags that have been marked as bad. It’s very frustrating and I’m not sure what to do about it. But I do remember Jake talking about compiling an email subscriber list of fans so that you can control who sees your content - for reasons like this.

  • @Heather-Boyd As far as I know, that lines up with the limitations of 3rd party applications that are not directly using the app itself.

    Even platforms like can't directly post storylines or carousels because the API doesn't let them. The way those get around it is it loads up your post and queues it up in the IG app and then you have to manually submit it. I haven't used Agent Switcher personally but I bet it's the same problem but I don't know if it has a way to pass and queue it up the way that Hootsuite or Later does.

  • @sarahlash I'm not concerned about my current followers seeing my work, just fresh eye ones. Thank you though and everyone else.

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